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With so many options, making informed decisions can seem difficult — establishing clear criteria is essential to facilitate this decision-making process
This four-hour session focused on what to do when these electronic items – regardless of their quality – inevitably fail, or are adversely affected by water, mud or breakage
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Chris Broomell from discusses law enforcement firearms and training
Rangemaster Sgt. David Weidner and his staff at the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office run bi-monthly, two-day train-the-trainer classes for other agencies
The challenge is choosing from the many quality duty-grade optics for pistols and/or rifles
This optic isn’t just designed to look good; it is designed to be put to work in the toughest conditions and relentlessly deliver
We review tactical communications, concussion protection, RDS, storage solutions and much more
Check out this drone control center, a locking magazine and a dual-wavelength rifle sight. Plus: 5.11’s bag designed to carry all your stuff
Putting a variable power optic on a patrol rifle does NOT turn a patrol rifle program into a “designated marksman” program
Why build a pistol with a shorter barrel, slide and sight radius set on a longer full-size grip frame? Here’s why
Law enforcement asked for a simple, cost-effective optic that doesn’t sacrifice quality and we got it with the Aimpoint Duty RDS
Trijicon will not put its stamp on anything less than excellence
The design, technology, and quality of the Steiner MPS are the driving force behind its performance in the field
From holsters to mounting tools, plus the all-important training, here’s a wish list of everything you need to equip your firearm with red dot sights
From door-kicking building searches to downrange information gathering, LPVOs have you covered
This red dot optic from Steiner operates in all lighting scenarios without the need for night vision goggles
Trijicon’s illuminated reticles provide a brilliant aiming point in any lighting situation, day or night
New handgun and carbine optics from Holosun offer multiple reticle and color options, long-lived battery at a competitive price
Low power variable optics are a growing market in law enforcement
Check out the newest SIG firearms, ammunition and electro-optics on display at this year’s SIG Sauer range day