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Ala. officer whose legs were shattered by drunk driver takes first steps since incident

“I’m extremely thankful for the other first responders on scene that terrible night,” Officer Elizabeth Minter said, crediting them with her life

By Joanna Putman

PELHAM, Ala. — An Alabama police officer who was hit and severely injured by a driver going 80 miles per hour has taken her first steps since the incident occurred, WBRC reported.

Elizabeth Minter was directing traffic when an impaired driver ignored all warnings and sped through the intersection, “knocking her out of her boots” according to police.

Minter’s injuries were extensive, according to a July report.

“Right now, I’m in a wheelchair. I have an external fixator device on my entire left leg, rods through my pelvis and hips going all the way across, a brace on my broken right leg, and a bandage on my healing broken ankle,” Minter said in July. “My recent x-rays have shown that things are healing on track.”

A video the Pelham Police Department shared on Facebook showed Minter smiling as she took her first steps since the incident occurred with the help of a walker.

“I’m extremely thankful for the other first responders on scene that terrible night, surgeons and medical personnel at UAB, home health medical care and therapy, transportation services, and the amazing team of physical therapists at Therapy South,” Minter shared with WBRC in a statement. “I still am in awe of my family, friends, brothers and sisters in blue, church family, community, volunteers, and neighbors who have stepped in to help me, my kids, and my fiancé through this process. Thank you!”

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