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The Up-Beat: Top police heroes of April

Our monthly roundup of cops doing good across the nation

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By Police1 Staff

From small gestures of kindness to incredible acts of heroism, police officers help their communities every day. Our monthly news roundup, The Up-Beat, aims to bring greater attention to these inspiring stories.

This month, we’re highlighting a rookie’s wild night shift, an NYPD cop with a handy talent and more stories of cops lending a hand. Do you have an uplifting story to share? Email or submit a story using the link below.

HERO OF THE MONTH: Officer John Kane

Officer John Kane had the night shift of his life this month. The 22-year-old officer stumbled across a house fire, and, realizing no one had yet called 911, proceeded to rescue the six people inside. That alone would have been impressive. But for Kane, it was only halftime.

While driving home, the Delaware officer heard a call about a cardiac arrest in progress. He was only one street away. It was an easy decision.

“You’re never really off duty,” Kane said. “Not only did I get to go home, but everyone else got to go home.” Great work, officer! FULL STORY

2. Watch: Officer on NYPD swim team saves drowning woman in Central Park reservoir

Officer Emily Healy, a competitive swimmer, found herself uniquely qualified for a call this month. FULL STORY

3. Calif. police officers hand out $100 bills to strangers at grocery store

The Oceanside Police Department is doing a year of random acts of kindness. This month, officers helped residents who are struggling to pay their grocery bills. FULL STORY

4. Las Vegas officer befriends homeless woman, buys her a house

A chance encounter with a Las Vegas police officer changed one woman’s life for the better. FULL STORY

5. Off-duty deputies, corrections officer save umpire’s life at softball game

The quick actions of three off-duty law enforcement officials likely saved the life of a man who collapsed during a softball game this month. FULL STORY

Whether it’s your own story, a colleague’s, a neighboring PD’s, or simply something you saw on the internet, submit your good police news to us HERE for a chance to be featured in The Up-Beat.