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The Active Shooter topic gives patrol officers and SWAT team members an invaluable resource to find news articles, tactical tips and expert commentary for active shooter response.

The death of a firefighter attendee and the wounding of three others, including former President Trump, is a tragic reminder of gunshot wound assessment and treatment challenges
Exploring the indictment of Chief Pete Arredondo and the legal challenges in proving criminal negligence in the Uvalde school shooting case
Former head of the FBI’s active shooter program, Katherine Schweit, shares an insider look at how to prevent shootings and the role threat assessment teams play
Each kit includes entry tools a folding ballistic shield
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Fully autonomous, AI-driven robots have become essential tools for enhancing safety and operational efficiency in law enforcement, marking a significant evolution in police capabilities
Pete Arredondo was indicted by a grand jury on 10 counts of felony child endangerment/abandonment, Uvalde Sheriff Ruben Nolasco stated
Robert Crimo III would face a mandatory sentence of life without parole if convicted of first-degree murder
“The police started to show up, and then there was massive gunfire and ambulances pulling up. The bullets were just flying,” a witness said
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The Oakland County sheriff said deputies tracked down the suspect to a home where they tried to make contact; a drone was sent inside and found the suspect dead
There is no single answer to the cause of mass school shootings, but it goes much deeper and further than issues of gun control and mental illness
While I still feel being a little over-gunned is better, my personal active shooter response “kit” has shrunk dramatically
Tips for police officers in their quest to make the SWAT team in their department
The shooter had already killed two victims and himself when LVMPD officers arrived at the building; they cleared the building while ensuring the threat was neutralized
The Sagadahoc County deputy filed a 20-page defense detailing the alleged inaccuracies with the commission’s report
Though little information has been released, photos show more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles including SWAT-style trucks near Mount Horeb Middle School
Some of the officers who rushed to the Charlotte neighborhood to rescue the first wave of downed officers were wounded as a second shooter began firing on them
It will always be difficult to identify an active shooter, but if we can identify them there’s a chance for intervention
The project allows local police and law enforcement partners to take a proactive role in providing comprehensive training and support to different entities in their community
When a young man with harmful intentions is persuaded to seek help, a Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management team’s prompt intervention illustrates their essential function
Your preparation now can save lives later when the unthinkable happens
Footage shows a police officer diving behind a patrol vehicle to escape gunfire and then fatally shooting the gunman
Law enforcement officials told commission members that Maine’s yellow flag law makes it difficult to remove guns from potentially dangerous people
“We’re not paramedics, we’re not firefighters, we’re not EMS, but oftentimes we find ourselves [at the scene] first and we have the opportunity to save a life,” Clark County Sheriff Kevin McMahill stated
Uvalde’s independent investigation did acknowledge some failures, including communication problems, poor training for live shooter situations and lack of available equipment
Discover how LMPD’s Wellness Unit’s framework paved the way for officer support and agency resilience following a 2023 active shooter incident at the Old National Bank
In the video footage, gunshots can be heard ringing throughout the church building as officers close in on the source of the shooting
The chatter from the radio traffic was nonstop as dispatchers and commanders managed ambulances, medical resources and officers for traffic and crowd control