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Video: Ga. officer pulls driver from burning car after pursuit

Body camera footage from the October incident shows the officer moving toward the car as explosions erupt

By Joanna Putman

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Newly released body camera footage shows an officer pulling a woman who was speeding over 100 mph from her flaming vehicle, WSB-TV reported.

Cobb County Police Department Officer Clay Musselman spotted the woman’s speeding car and started a pursuit before the Oct. 13 incident. He backed off the pursuit at the command of his sergeant, according to the report.

Video obtained by Inside Edition shows the cruiser rounding a bend in the highway to find a wall of flames in the median where the woman had lost control of the vehicle. The body camera shows Musselman approaching the vehicle as explosions can be heard in the background.

As Musselman moves toward the burning car, cries for help can be heard. Video shows Musselman breaking the driver’s side window, moving an airbag out of the way and pulling the woman out of the car.

“The officer disregarded his own safety by getting that close to a fully engulfed vehicle,” Sgt. Eric Smith of the Cobb County Police Department told WSB-TV. “When he rushed up there to assist, he was doing so with just himself and his skin pretty much. Police don’t have protective gear for fires.”