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5 reasons cops only hang out with other cops

All cops engage in shoptalk, however, we know the topics that are taboo and thus shy away from them

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It seems all too often cops tend to hang out mostly with other cops.


Believe it or not, police officers are people just like everyone else.

We have feelings and we also have a need for social interaction. We’re not like Robocop when our shift ends, going into a recharging station. Instead, we eat, drink beers and want to hang out.

But it seems all too often cops tend to hang out mostly with other cops. Ever wonder why? Here are a few of the many reasons.

1. No one else wants to hang out and drink at 7 AM.

Night shift comes to an end at 7 AM (times may vary by city). For many people after a long shift at work, there is a need to have a drink and de-stress with friends. However, so-called “normal people” are just getting up at 7 AM and have a full day ahead of them. So who can you drink with? The guys and gals who just got off work with you, of course.

We had a bar in town that opened up at 8 AM and was friendly toward cops. Often you’d find some of the night shift guys in there playing pool or darts in the morning after shift.

2. Not many other people are free to go fishing at midnight on a Tuesday.

Up all night, sleep all day. What do you do on your off days? Re-setting your sleeping schedule for those off days is just too hard on the body. A lot of LEOs will still stay up most of the night on their off days and sleep during the daytime hours. In addition, those off days most likely come sometime during the week – as in, not the weekend.

So you’ll have to find activities to keep busy and friends with similar schedules to keep busy with. Fishing is just an example. I know guys who play cards, do photography, and have all sorts of other hobbies.

3. You’ll avoid endless questions about being a cop.

When people find out you’re a police officer, they’ll ask the dumbest questions. Sometimes the questions come from innocent curiosity, but other times they can be rude or downright offensive.

Sure, as cops we will have shoptalk; however, we know the topics that are taboo and thus shy away from them.

4. There’s a lower likelihood of needing to arrest your pal.

At some point in their career, a police officer will pull over someone they know. Then a decision needs to be made. Cut that person a break or issue the ticket. Likewise, there is a likelihood that officers will end up with a criminal investigation involving someone they know.

I was once called to a female being disorderly in a neighborhood. It turned out it was my roommate’s girlfriend. Thankfully, two squads were dispatched and the other officer took the arrest. Let’s just say I moved to a new apartment shortly after that call. Not surprisingly, a fellow police officer became my new roommate.

5. We have a tight family with dating and marriage.

There are many officers I know who are married to someone else in public safety. Other police officers, dispatchers, jailers, firefighters, EMS providers and ER nurses are popular sources for dating or marriage.

The aforementioned reasons play into much of this inter-dating. And after you find your future wife or husband, you can bet that you’ll be hanging out with fellow nocturnal public safety couples.

What can I say, we’re just one big happy family.

This article, originally published 08/25/2015, has been updated.

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