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The American flag is considered a living symbol under federal law. We must treat it as such.
These selections offer unique perspectives that make them valuable for police officers and engaging for anyone interested in law enforcement
Miami-Dade Police Department K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald conveys a message of resilience and remembrance to the law enforcement community
A former UK Special Forces operator and star of Netflix’s “Toughest Forces on Earth” shares accounts of extraordinary missions, his journey to overcome a career-ending injury, and insights on leadership and resiliency
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The series follows three adventurous veterans as they train alongside some of the world’s most elite military units, getting an inside look at their tactics and weaponry
While Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes was on the Pat McAfee Show, McAfee said he would donate $1 million to the foundation if Skenes breaks the MLB record of 20 strikeouts in a nine-inning game
“Not a standard recommendation for car theft prevention, but...a stick shift kept a thief from getting far in a stolen car,” the Boulder Police Department posted on Facebook
“When we lost one of our officers two years ago, I looked for poems that could comfort the family and officers but couldn’t find any,” K-9 Officer Isabel McDonald said
“[Officer Willie Lain’s] talent is undeniable and showcases just one of the many interests our officers have outside of their law enforcement careers,” Chief Mike Hamlin said
The show will focus on small-town Sheriff Mickey Fox, dealing with her ex-con father and a complex situation involving her rebellious daughter
Deputies were searching for the thief when they saw a person, who appeared to be a blond woman wearing oversized sunglasses, leaving a home; that person turned out to be the man suspected of the theft
Actor Cole Hauser was surprised with the honorary officer ceremony when he went to the Fort Worth Police Department to drop off a donation of coffee from his company
“They just kept running away, so I went to the stable and grabbed some horse food,” said Officer Arthur Joseph. “I started shaking it and they came to me”
The girl approached actress Mariska Hargitay for help when she saw that she was wearing a badge
The sovereign citizen movement has become the bane of many police officers in the U.S.
“Switched” re-enacts real police encounters with civilians stepping into the shoes of law enforcement
Video captured the moment Officer Cooper dove and captured the pig, who had been on the run for about a week
“Bavaria’s police are ‘stripping bare’ and could literally be left standing without trousers,” the union’s chairman stated
Take a look at the pranks and fakeouts police departments posted on April Fools’ Day this year
Neither the music producer nor any of his family members were arrested during the March 25 raids; Combs’ attorney alleged that the raids were based on ungrounded accusations from civil cases
“This car has been through it all and keeps on going. Sure, the leg room in the back is minimal and the rear seats aren’t all that comfortable, but real friends sit up front anyway!” the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook
Amid the legal proceedings and media scrutiny, it is crucial not to lose sight of the fundamental firearm safety rules that might have averted this tragic event
The words “Protect and Serve Those That Land Here” form a circle and are separated by two tiny alien faces with large eyes
Prosecutor Kari Morrissey described “constant, never-ending safety failures” on the set of “Rust” and an “astonishing lack of diligence” with gun safety
After charges were dismissed last year, prosecutors assert that Baldwin caused cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ death by negligence and disregard for safety
Browse our gallery of AI-generated Lego police stations featuring police departments from around the United States
“It may not be the best idea to have an Uber pick you up AT the crime scene,” police advised
The mother confessed to officers that she had spoiled Elf on the Shelf for her son; to restore the boy’s spirit, the officers staged a traffic stop to “scold” her for moving the elf, thus allowing it to regain its powers