Top signs you're a police officer's spouse

When your spouse is in law enforcement, you're bound to pick up some idiosyncrasies

By Police1 Staff

The law enforcement lifestyle is pretty unique, to put it mildly – especially when you're an LEO spouse. Inspired by an article from Police1 columnist Dan Marcou, we asked our readers to tell us signs that you're a police officer's spouse. Email us to share what you think, or complete the box below.

  1. You have no idea what it’s like to sit in a restaurant facing the door. – Katrina Ogrodnik Mondejar
  2. You know firsthand that bullets go through the washer and dryer without a problem. – Kelly Renko
  3. When you are at a restaurant your spouse doesn’t make eye contact with you while talking because they are constantly scanning the room as people come/go. – Kayla Marie
  4. You have an action plan for who grabs the kids and who covers security if anything goes down while you're out together somewhere. – Ashley Nicole
  5. After the waiter takes your order and leaves, your spouse says, "I think I've booked him before." – Mary Mueller-Crawford
  6. You’re known in the community as "the deputy's wife." – John Law
  7. You get turned down from jury duty every single time and get to go home early! – Ashley Nicole
  8. You talk using 10 codes. – Elton Evans

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