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Poem: One Half of My LEO’s Heart

An LEO’s fiance pens a message to the public about the officer she cherishes whose heart also belongs to the citizens he serves


“My LEO will give his life for yours without thought at any time, so once again remember me and support the Thin Blue Line.”


Calling all police poets! PoliceOne’s poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

This poem is by Jeanne Collins who says, “The LEO life is one that few understand; one with difficulties, as well as happiness and every emotion in between. I love and support my LEO as much as I can.”

Raised in an LEO family with three brothers who have served as officers, Jeanne is no stranger to police life: “As an LEO fiancee, I have been writing some poetry late at night when I can’t sleep because I worry about my LEO. I’ve found that writing helps with the worry, anxiety and stress, along with the love and affection, associated with being in a relationship with a wonderful man who is a police officer. “

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The man you see in uniform is not just any man,
He holds my life and all my heart within his loving hands.

I gave my whole heart to this man and he has all my love,
But I only own just half of his because of the life he chose.

My LEO walks the Thin Blue Line with courage and with strength,
Each day he gives his all to you and protects the strong and weak.

Only one half of his heart is mine the other half is yours,
But I know he carries my heart in his every time he walks out the door.

Since I am not the only one who needs this man so rare,
I found the courage deep in my heart, so with you his heart I’ll share.

The only thing I ask in return for this precious gift to you,
Is make sure you help protect it in the way that I would do.

His jurisdiction needs him to serve and to protect,
But please for me remember that he deserves your kind respect.

He’s always at your beck and call no matter what the hour,
But I will have to wait for him to spend our few precious hours.

Every time he has to leave I pray through every shift,
That he’ll return home safely because he’s my special gift.

I am proud of him in uniform and the badge upon his chest,
And I know just what it takes for him to walk among the best.

I will always love this man in uniform or not,
And I need him to be here for me because he is my heart.

He is solid ground when my ground shakes, my strength when I am weak,
And it breaks my heart half in two when ill of him you speak.

My LEO will give his life for yours without thought at any time,
So once again remember me and support the Thin Blue Line.

Now take this gift I give to you, one half of my LEO’s heart,
And keep it safely in your care and never let it part.

This poem is copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without permission.