Damascus Releases Two New Products

Damascus announced that they have added two new products to their line, the NEXSTAR I™ Lightweight duty gloves with Reflective ID tags and the IMPERIAL™ ELITE Upper body Protective System.

Damascus took their popular lightweight all-weather duty style glove and incorporated reflective identification tags for both “POLICE” or “SHERIFF”  for day or night identification. Unique as well as they will not wear out or deteriorate like silk-screened logo versions.

As a leader in full body protective gear for law enforcement, military, etc. Damascus also added the DCP4000, a top of the line upper body protection system. Made to offer considerable protection of shoulders, back, tailbone, chest and groin without limiting combative movement. The system also offers substantial flexibility and range of motion in all directions.

Learn more about these two new products by visiting Damascus online.

About Damascus Protective Gear
Our primary mission at Damascus® is to provide the best range of quality personal protection for the men and women in law enforcement, military, and corrections worldwide. The global threats faced are growing; they are real, and they are increasingly life threatening. Our customers take their responsibilities seriously, and at Damascus®, so do we. Regardless of the economic times, we know that our customers continue to need the best protection at the best prices. We deliver that and more, including the peace of mind that comes from buying products that can be worn with confidence in the face of all dangers.

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