Fechheimer Brothers Company celebrates 175 years of uniforming excellence

CINCINNATI – Fechheimer Brothers Company (Fechheimer), the parent company of the premier uniform brand Flying Cross and low-profile apparel and gear brand Vertx, celebrated its 175th year of service to the U.S. Military and Public Safety markets at the annual IACP Conference and Exposition. Fechheimer has been designing and manufacturing uniforms since 1842, and is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

"It is extremely momentous for us to be celebrating such a huge milestone in our history, as well as a huge milestone for uniform design in public safety," said Bob Getto, President and CEO of Fechheimer. "We have been celebrating with our employees all year long and were happy to extend the celebration to our customers at this year's IACP."

Fechheimer began its journey as a dry goods and wholesale clothier in Northern Kentucky. By 1865 it was awarded a government contract to manufacture uniforms for the Civil War, thus standardizing men’s uniform sizing for the first time in history. Throughout its history it has been instrumental in the design and manufacture of uniforms for World War I, World War II, the U.S. Postal Service, National Parks, every branch of the U.S. Military and various military academies, as well as a number of state and local law enforcement agencies nationwide. In 1980, Fechheimer acquired B. Lipman's Flying Cross brand and began marketing Flying Cross as its key brand. In 2009, it established the Vertx brand which was a design collaboration with an elite federal agency to manufacture the market's first truly low-profile tactical pant. Fechheimer is a Berkshire Hathaway Company and is one of the oldest running companies in the Berkshire portfolio.

During the IACP, Fechheimer shared moments in history at its Flying Cross/Vertx booth during several video presentations. In addition, it shared a commemorative lapel pin with all booth visitors featuring its specially-designed 175th anniversary seal.

About Fechheimer Brothers Company
Fechheimer Brothers Company is a global leader in the design and manufacture of uniform and lifestyle apparel and gear. Founded in 1842, Fechheimer serves the military, postal, transportation, law enforcement, industrial and outdoor markets. Fechheimer is a Berkshire Hathaway company and operates under the Flying Cross® and Vertx® brands.

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