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Introducing the Cool Action Suit by Carson

First fully moisture-wicking business suit wear tested by law enforcement officials; Made in America

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Overheating in business suits is not only physically uncomfortable, but when men and women sweat in their traditional, wool suits on warm days, they appear unprofessional. Embarrassing perspiration and discomfort can impede job performance and confidence, betraying any outward poise and self-assurance.

The Cool Action Suit by Carson is designed for men and women to stay both cool and comfortable while wearing business suits. Constructed of a proprietary blend of performance-based, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, it is made for active professionals in all lines of work. The fabric is also lightweight and wrinkle-resistant.

For years, Cool Action Suit founder and CEO, Ron Carson, worked alongside global dignitaries including U.S. presidents, cabinet officials and political candidates. His work took him across the world, and while standing on hot tarmacs on summer days or in warm climates, federal agents, including U.S. Secret Service agents, would express how physically uncomfortable they were perspiring through their traditional business suits.

“It was on one particular tarmac in India that a light bulb went off in my head,” said Carson. “When dressed professionally, there is absolutely nothing worse than perspiring through your suit. As a fan of performance-based, moisture-wicking apparel myself, I began exploring ways to incorporate that same material into the exterior and lining of a business suit.”

The Cool Action Suit provides wearers with a cool and comfortable experience, while tackling stressful, high-performance jobs. The fabric draws away moisture from the body and dress shirt, leaving the inner layer closest to the body protected from perspiration, comfortable and cool.

Originally designed for law enforcement officials in mind, the patent-pending Cool Action Suit features extra interior jacket pockets for carrying and concealing gear, and has a wider waistband.

The W. Diamond Group Corporation, makers of the Hart Schaffner Marx suit brand, and one of the world’s largest suit manufacturers, manufactures the Cool Action Suit in the United States. Hart Schaffner Marx suits are made in both Chicago, and at the Keystone Tailored Manufacturing factory in Ron Carson’s hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.

Prior to launch, the Cool Action Suit was wear-tested with enthusiastic reviews by federal law enforcement officials in the field. The Cool Action Suit partners with the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA). FOP and FLEOA members who purchase suits with promotional codes sent to them receive a limited-time 40 percent discount. A portion of Cool Action Suit proceeds are also donated to the FOP and FLEOA foundations, supporting families of law enforcement officials killed in the line of duty.

In addition, broadcast journalists, athletes, coaches and actors have wear-tested the suit.

“This suit is for everyone—women and men—who want to feel comfortable in a light-weight suit year-round, in all climates,” said Carson. “For broadcasters under warm studio lights, nervous coaches on the sidelines, and everyone in between, the Cool Action Suit truly makes wearing a suit fun again.”

Suits for both men and women retail on the Cool Action Suit website for $499.99. Men’s and women’s pants can be purchased separately for $124.99.

It’s a hot summer. Wear a suit that keeps its cool.

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