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GTS Donates Rechargeable Two-Way Radio Batteries for Memphis Flood Relief Efforts

Police and Fire Departments Receive Batteries to Keep Communication Equipment Running

Framingham, Mass. -- Global Technology Systems, Inc. (GTS), the worldwide leader in design and delivery of portable power, today announced it has donated high-performance batteries to the Memphis Police and Fire Departments to aid their flood relief efforts. The batteries will help the public safety personnel communicate during this disaster, when recharging batteries may prove difficult due to power outages.

GTS develops and manufactures high-performance batteries with industry-leading runtimes for mobile devices, including those for the two-way radios used by the Memphis Police and Fire Departments. The long runtime is especially critical during emergencies, since police and fire often work extended shifts.

“At GTS, we are committed to helping emergency first responders during these historic floods,” said Diane Wirtz, North American Public Safety manager at GTS. “Our experience during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath taught us how valuable fresh batteries can be.

The public safety departments rely on their two way radios during these emergencies, but with limited power to recharge them, communication can be lost mid-operation. We are sending high-capacity batteries so that the radios will run for multiple shifts without recharging.”

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