Lions Quarter Looks for Affiliate/Sponsorship and/or Funding for The 9/11 Project

Hammond, In. - Dennis Smith, Founding Member & CEO of Lions Quarter, LLC looks for funding for The 9/11 Project.

Why I Wrote the 9/11 Project
I wrote the Project to promote national healing; to provide a reference point for what happened on September 11, 2001, what is happening today, and what may happen in the future; to promote understanding, dialogue and activism. I believe it is my duty as an American songwriter to get these songs produced; to tell the soldiers’ story and give the public a glimpse of what it’s truly like when a person goes to war, and the effects of that decision on the soldier’s family.

I sincerely hope you will agree.

We Need to Stay Awake
No other artist has taken on the events of September 11 and the decade after in the scale and scope it deserves. We need to stay awake. “bin Laden’s children” are still out there; the “Shoe Bomber,” the “Underwear Bomber,” the Tsarnev Brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing–you can bet in the next 25, 50 to 100 years when September 11 comes around on the calendar there will be endless news articles, books, TV shows and documentaries in remembrance of that day.

What D. A. Smith’s 9/11 Project provides is a musical work that provides the “why” of these types of extremist acts, and a way to express through music—understanding and a will to endure with our unique American legacy of liberty, justice and freedom.

The Mission
My goal for the 9/11 Project is for the average American to have an ever increasing appreciation for our military servicemen and women. I want to cultivate a cultural attitude of respect and appreciation for those protecting America’s interests.

All songs in the Project are suitable for singing by many different artists, not just D. A. Smith. The music covers 7 genres: Alt rock, rock, pop, reggae, rap, gospel, and 20’s bebop. All music and lyrics are complete; we only need financing (current estimate 60K) to pay the band, hire a studio, and a marketing team. Future revenues from the Project are expected to come from live concerts, musical plays, movies; sales of the album, downloads, licensing, merchandise (T-Shirts, hats) & other memorabilia.

Help Us Help You
There are hundreds of military, veteran, police, firefighter & other first responder organizations we could support. By asking your subscribers to support the 9/11 Project, you ensure part of ten percent of net proceeds from the Project will be earmarked specifically for your organization.

I ask nothing more than that your organization believe in the future prospects of the 9/11 Project, its vast potential, and to share my sense of duty to get this story told. You can help be endorsing us through your website, Facebook/LinkedIn/Google+ page, Twitter or other social media page, and encouraging them to support us! We can be found at and Please share your memories of 9/11 at!

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