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Ready to Defend Customers Tell Why They Love Their Crime Prevention Products

Read what customers are saying about their Ready to Defend crime prevention signs:

“This is my second order from you. I love your products and the ‘we don’t believe in bluffing’ message. I’m an LEO and first saw one of your signs checking a house on an alarm call at night. Needless to say, I felt a little uncomfortable checking windows and doors knowing that the owner is ‘Ready to Defend’ if he mistakes me for a burglar. The feeling made me order one for my home the next day...”

- Paul J. - Coral Springs, FL


“Awesome products! Can’t wait to promote them to my friends! I’m in the Marine Corps League and we are still ready to defend! If there is anything you can send to market more send it. I will return for birthday and Christmas presents for friends!”

- Tom - Woodland Hills, CA


“This sign speaks for itself...and serves as a possible deterrent to someone who is not seeking your best interest.

It stands up well in all weather conditions.

The perfect addition to that garden spot by your front door.”

- R.L.


“Great Product works well better than described Would recommend to purchase if your looking for a quality product. Will buy more in the future.”

- Kris J.


“Comes printed on a reflective background, attached to a metal stake. Solidly made.

This is probably best for those fools who come up to your door to ring the doorbell to see if the house is empty. Provide a warm welcome for them :)”

- Ted J.


“Saw one of these at a friends house and just had to have one for our home. Nice quality, reflective, and really easy to see from the sidewalk! My cousin who is a cop, liked ours so much that he will be purchasing these for friends as Christmas presents.
Good quality and easy to install in the ground with a baby sledge hammer.”

- Debra M.


“Got the sign and decals today and they look great. Can’t wait to see the neighbors reactions. I think they’ll love them.”

- Roger, Chino, CA

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