Icom Announces the New F5122DD/F6122DD Data Transceiver for Land Mobile Radio Applications


(June 2015) – Icom America introduces the new IC-F5122DD/IC-F6122DD transceiver. The radio operates as a data modem and promotes field monitoring and remote system management. The F5122DD/F6122DD is ideal for markets such as farming, transportation and utilities.

Icom's new data transceiver promotes point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. One radio can communicate to another radio or to multiple units with individual, groups and all calls. The radio may also be useful for telemetry and low-speed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Typical applications include, but are not limited to:

-Vehicle management (e.g. farms, airport ground crews)
-Traffic monitoring (e.g. road/highway construction, gate control)
-Remote system management for utilities (e.g. water works, electricity meters) and oil (e.g. pipelines, well drilling)

The F5122DD/F6122DD uses licensed frequency VHF/UHF bands and delivers 25W of high output power from a MIL-STD rugged chassis. This general-purpose transparent data modem also features serial and Ethernet interfaces for greater flexibility, a data encryption function (500 codes) and 128 channels.

Availability and retail pricing for the F5122DD/F6122DD may be obtained from an Authorized Icom Dealer. For more information, visit the F5122DD/F6122DD product page online.

Media Contact: Caroline Baptist
Phone: 425-450-6051
Email: pr@icomamerica.com

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