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Chicago PD officers warned of handheld radio thefts from station lobbies

Since June, six radios have been stolen; of those six, two have been recovered and four are still missing

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Photo/Chicago Police Department via Facebook

By Sarah Roebuck

CHICAGO — In response to at least seven incidents where handheld police radios were stolen from the lobbies of district stations, Chicago Police have issued a warning to officers to stay alert, according to an internal memo obtained by ABC 7.

In one of the seven incidents highlighted in the CPD’s internal memo, a 30-year-old individual, believed to be associated with a gang, was arrested after snatching a police radio from the 12th District’s front desk and fleeing. During this incident, a 23-year-old man attempted to obstruct the officers in their pursuit of the suspect and the stolen radio.

In a recent incident on Monday, authorities reported that a suspect made an attempt to steal a handheld radio from the 17th District. However, they were apprehended before they were able to get away.

Since June, there have been six radios that have been stolen. Of those six, two have been recovered and four are still missing, police said.

The CPD emphasized its serious concern regarding the issue, underscoring the significance of these radios as crucial tools for emergency communication and ensuring public safety.