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Tait Communications to bring FREQUENTIS LifeX to North America

Tait Communications to expand its end-to-end radio communication portfolio in the US with Frequentis software


Tait Communications


CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Tait Communications and Frequentis have formed a strategic partnership to introduce the innovative LifeX multimedia communication solution to North America. Under this exclusive agreement, Frequentis will provide Tait Communications with access to LifeX software, designed to seamlessly integrate various analog and digital radio systems, while also accommodating future capabilities such as digital mobile radio (DMR), mission-critical data (MCX), 911, and next-generation 911 (NG911).

This collaboration represents a significant milestone for Tait Communications to expand its end-to-end radio communication portfolio to the US market, by delivering and servicing the most innovative solution, out of the US.

Frequentis LifeX, broadly in use by the most demanding customers all over the world, represents a disruptive approach for mission-critical communication by seamlessly integrating various communication technologies. The field-proven multimedia collaboration and communication platform brings the efficiency, effectiveness, and capabilities of control room operations (PSAP) to a next level.

The agreement also includes knowledge transfer, software enablement, and support services, which will empower Tait Communications and selected channel partners to address the North American market with a short time to market.

The LifeX software simplifies communication processes by consolidating multiple communication systems in a streamlined way onto one platform. Its features, such as free seating and thin-client technology, allow users to log in from any device within the network, enhancing collaboration and flexibility in a secure way.

LifeX won the Critical Communications Association Control Room Innovation award in 2022, representing a mission-critical communication solution, challenging traditional technology offerings. LifeX has been designed and built for the digital IP world, brokering legacy, current, and future radio technologies and telephony, including multimedia, 911, and NG911.

“Frequentis and its unique LifeX technology give Tait the ability to offer more complete solutions for our customers, meet more of their requirements and minimize the technology complexity that they face. Together we will change the public safety technology market in North America,” says Kevin Sumrell, President Tait Communications.

This partnership marks Frequentis’ first reseller agreement, signifying an important step in the company’s transition towards a software-centric business model. By leveraging Tait Communications’ expertise and market presence, Frequentis aims to enter the world’s largest public safety solution market, providing North American customers with a fully IP software-based, centralized solution.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tait Communications to launch our LifeX collaboration and communication platform in North America,” says Robert Nitsch, Frequentis VP of Public Safety. “This demonstrates our commitment to delivering mission-critical communication solutions, enhancing efficiency, flexibility, and reliability on the global public safety market.”