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How to buy flashlights (eBook)

Download this Police1 flashlights buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


Selecting a duty or everyday carry flashlight used to be simple. Most cops used to carry the same 5- or 7-cell flashlight, which looked like – and could be used as – a ready substitute for a baton, usually in a loop hanging from their duty belt.

These days, a flashlight which can fit in the palm of your hand can offer many times the output and for a longer run time than that old standby. But buying a flashlight isn’t as simple as choosing the one with the maximum lumens (light output).

Buyers have a choice of tactical lights, flashlight upgrade systems, non-lethal flashlight defense systems and digital video flashlight systems. In addition to flashlight varieties, there are dozens of other specifications to consider to ensure that you are making the right choice when equipping officers with lighting tools.

This Police1 guide addresses the considerations in acquiring flashlights. Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing
  • Questions to ask vendors
  • Company directory

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