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Introducing FlareAlert’s Battery Powered Emergency LED Beacon Kits

Safe Crucial Visibility for Professional Use by Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military and Outdoor Emergency Use.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Erie, CO - (July 2015): FlareAlert introduces our Emergency LED Beacon Kits. Designed for professional firefighters, law enforcement, and military, as well as personal emergency use. Unlike incendiary strike flares, FlareAlert LED Beacons are personally and environmentally safe to use. No more risk of inhaling toxic fumes, starting brush fires, igniting spilled fuel/oil, or burning equipment or yourself.

FlareAlert’s Large Bag Public Safety Emergency Kit comes with either 4, 6 or 8 beacons in the colors of your choice, 8 Cone Adaptors (for beacon placement atop traffic cones), 8 Weighted Bases (anchors beacon in high winds or helicopter landing), and 32 AA batteries. Additionally, the Cone Adaptor and Weighted Base can be threaded together to make a Ground Stand. The large storage bag pockets keep your Beacons and accessories separated, keeping your kit organized.

The Small Bag Roadside Kit is FlareAlert’s more basic roadside kit. The kit bag is designed to hold 3 Beacon/Beacon Pros and 12 AA batteries. The Small Storage Bag contains 3 separate pockets that neatly hold the lights securely in place.

The FlareAlert LED Beacon Flare Kits are the perfect size for every public safety vehicle’s trunk, motorcycle patrol or personal use. The FlareAlert is lightweight and compact leaving your trunk more space for additional important equipment.

FlareAlert’s Beacon and Beacon Pro contain 2 modes: flash and steady. These modes can be controlled by a small power button located on top of the light. These LED road flares are very tough and durable. They can withstand the weight of a 20,000 lbs. vehicle! With the Beacon and Beacon Pro’s rounded edges and low profile, a vehicle running over the light will not be a problem. Each Beacon has a magnetic base, making it easy to securely mount to a vehicle, metal object, or the included ground stand for increased visibility. The 4 rubber feet on the Beacon prevent vehicle scratching.

FlareAlert’s LED road flares have a few lens color options. The standard Beacon has two (2) color options: Red (Red Beacon-RB.2) and Yellow (Yellow Beacon-YB.2). The brighter version, or the Beacon Pro, has 5 color options available: Red (Red Beacon Pro-RBP.2), Yellow (Yellow Beacon Pro-YBP.2), Blue (Blue Beacon Pro-BBP.2), Green (Green Beacon Pro-GBP.2), and White (White Beacon Pro-WBP.2). FlareAlert’s various lens options allow the user to have the appropriate colored flare depending on the situation at hand.

Simply twist open to install/change batteries and twist to close. Just put it down and turn it on. No tools necessary.

More about FlareAlert - We are a family-owned and operated business located in Erie, Colorado. Since the inception of our company in 1995, we have always focused on offering the best quality products at competitive prices. When price and quality products are coupled with customer-focused service, success is inevitable.

We take great pride in all of our offerings and are tirelessly searching for innovative ways to improve on on what our customers need. Another large focus for us in the way we do business and the products we offer is to take necessary steps to be environmentally friendly. We strive to create environmentally friendly products and packaging.

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