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Aimpoint announces Acro S-2 shotgun sight for SHOT Show and Industry Day at the Range

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MANASSAS, Va. – Aimpoint®, the originator and worldwide leader in red dot sighting technology, announces the release of the new Aimpoint® Acro S-2™ sight for SHOT Show 2024 and Industry Day at the Range™. Designed specifically for use on shotguns with a ventilated rib, the Acro S-2 greatly enhances hit percentage for small games, bird hunting and on the sporting clays course. The sight provides a compact, low-profile optic for shotgun hunters and sport shooters.

The integrated carbon fiber reinforced mounting system positions the Acro S-2™ on the lowest possible optical axis without adding unnecessary weight. The optic attaches directly to the ventilated rib and includes eight interchangeable adapter plates to accommodate most standard shotguns. The large 9 MOA red dot simplifies lead visualization, enhancing the automatic refinement of muzzle swing and positioning.

The Aimpoint® Acro S-2 is sleek with no protruding features, providing a clear field of view with both eyes open. The low optical axis of 15 mm allows for proper mounting of the gun to the cheek. For shooters who are cross-eye dominance, this new sight allows the shooter to use their strong side while shooting without an ocular or having to switch sides all together.

“Adding the Acro S-2™ sight to your shotgun provides invaluable feedback, as the red dot shows exactly where the bore is relative to the target. It makes a superb training tool for beginners, shortens the learning curve, and providing immediate success,” says Brian Lisankie, President of Aimpoint Inc.

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