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Police1 reviews the newest firearms, protective equipment and tactical technologies for law enforcement and SWAT on display at SHOT Show, the largest event of its kind in the world. During SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range, manufacturers introduce their latest products.

Savage Arms, Franklin Armory and Mack’s Live Fire BTX made an impression
As much fun as ballistic therapy was for me at the range, I was shocked and surprised how many other fantastic products were on display
It was a thrilling day of testing and exploring Beretta’s latest offerings in firearms, including the Sako 90S and the revamped Beretta 92GTS
Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, survival ammo and a Faraday bag caught my attention
Let’s review some of the new products transforming police firearms training and improving officer safety
From an automated targeting system designed to enhance shooting accuracy like never before to a nearly recoilless rifle, I witnessed an array of industry innovations
I have to tell you, the knife companies really made me put on my thinking cap this year
Attending SHOT Show is a marathon event — here’s just a small selection of the booths I plan to visit in Vegas
Check out these three product reviews I snagged just before the show — including one ‘bodacious’ knife
From knives to firearms security, here is how to get your hands on the newest gear right now
In 2024, the fats® platform will celebrate 40 years in the virtual training industry where they are known as the pioneer and innovator in small arms training
Expansion of scenario and character libraries, coupled with recoil kit enhancements, highlights VirTra’s active drive to elevate realism in training
Highlighting the innovative technologies Avient will be presenting at Industry Day at the Range is the next-generation Dyneema® unidirectional (UD) material
The DANIEL H9 has everything demanded of a modern, striker-fired handgun, like ambidextrous controls, an accessory rail, optics compatibility, and more
My surgeon says it will be at six months before I can live fire a pistol again. Here’s how I plan to stop my skills from perishing with these SHOT Show products
The world’s largest firearms trade show continues to expand, attracting thousands of industry professionals from across the globe
The Walther PDP Steel Frame elevates the shooting experience and takes performance to the next level
“Shooting Performance, not Procedure; Elevating Law Enforcement Training” will concentrate on protection measures and practical execution
With so many options, making informed decisions can seem difficult — establishing clear criteria is essential to facilitate this decision-making process
See a 2023 Chevrolet Silverado outfitted with the new SeatVault Drawer, All-Weather Line Drawer System, and the brand new TruckGlide
Visit T4E experts at SHOT Show Booth #20501
The UNIT4 looks and feels like an M4 carbine but cannot chamber and fire a live cartridge
This amazing semiautomatic shotgun fits the needs of police officers better than any shotgun to date
The new Truckee Forends for The Remington 870 shotgun come in 7.5-inch, 9-inch and 10.5-inch lengths
The organizations evaluated the 9mm 1911 Sentry for certain service duties, including prisoner transfer/transport and field investigation work
The tools, techniques and emotional connection to both that a good sniper brings to the game
This optic isn’t just designed to look good; it is designed to be put to work in the toughest conditions and relentlessly deliver
We review tactical communications, concussion protection, RDS, storage solutions and much more
The company received feedback from officers when developing the shield to meet real-world requirements for routine deployment
Firearms instructor Gene Whisenand fires the new .22 mag from Rock Island Armory at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range
A “bumper protection” boot, a nonincendiary distraction device and a less lethal side saddle
Here are more product reviews as I continue my journey around the more than 13 miles of exhibits at SHOT Show
These reusable, weatherproof targets are made of 100% recycled materials and hardy enough for any environmental conditions
It appears we are reaching a pinnacle in metallurgy where the steelmakers are so good at what they do that there is little room for improvement
The reinforced area around the trigger guard combined with an almost complete elimination of exterior flex makes this product more secure than anything I have seen for a duty holster