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ArmorerLink Delivering Value to Agencies of All Sizes

Hillsboro, Oregon: Agencies of all sizes are experiencing substantial value and cost savings using the ArmorerLink™ Firearm Management Software (ALFMS).

From managing training records to organizing every last detail of running the Armory and managing equipment, the solution has proven to save money and resources regardless of agency size.

“Most of our customers are surprised at the return on investment when comparing all the functionality that is available with our affordable subscriptions and they begin seeing savings even before they have deployed the solution fully” says Joe Ganete, President of Armorer Link, Inc.

With training, support, updates, data storage and daily data backup included with the monthly subscription fee, it is a cost effective solution when compared to systems which may not offer law enforcement specific functions like ALFMS. In addition, there are no contracts to bind an agency. “We are convinced that the value delivered by the ArmorerLink™ FMS solution alone is enough without contracts” Ganete says.

The return on investment is realized almost immediately after an agency implements the software solution by streamlining operations, automating communications and linking all back-end processes to manage firearms, equipment and training.

About ArmorerLink™
ArmorerLink™ offers law enforcement agencies simple and cost effective software solutions for firearm and equipment tracking, training and maintenance.