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Action Target to host LEEP Session on “A.D.V.A.N.C.E.D” training techniques at SHOT Show 2024

“Shooting Performance, not Procedure; Elevating Law Enforcement Training” will concentrate on protection measures and practical execution

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Press Release

PROVO, Utah – Action Target Inc., the global leader in modern shooting range solutions and services, is set to captivate the industry at SHOT Show 2024. This event, the largest gathering for professionals in shooting sports, hunting/outdoors, and law enforcement industries, will unfold at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 23rd – 26th, 2024.

As a focal point of Action Target’s participation at SHOT Show, we are thrilled to announce our hosting of a Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) Session tailored for Law Enforcement Officers attending the event. The LEEP Session will concentrate on protection measures and practical execution, with officers having the opportunity to sign up in advance through their SHOT Show online dashboard. For additional information on SHOT Show LEEP Sessions, visit

Mark your calendars for Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 8:30 am, as we present an exclusive session featuring Kyle Schmidt. Join us for an engaging discussion on “Shooting Performance, not Procedure; Elevating Law Enforcement Training.” This session will delve into how the technical skills and mental fortitude acquired through high-level competition shooting directly translate to performing under pressure in real-world life-and-death situations. Not only geared toward law enforcement instructors, but this class also provides invaluable insights beyond traditional training methods. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your training approach and create highly skilled and competent shooters.

For more information about Action Target’s groundbreaking solutions and our presence at SHOT Show 2024, please visit our booth #12816. Action Target invites attendees to embark on an immersive journey into the future of shooting range technology, where innovation knows no bounds. Renowned for providing a comprehensive end-to-end solution for shooting range facilities across commercial, law enforcement, educational, and military sectors worldwide, Action Target sets the bar for excellence. Our commitment to success is unwavering, simplifying the process for customers who seek to build, expand, or elevate their shooting range facilities. Working with key industry partners like VirTra, Redguard, and AutoTargets further expands Action Target’s capabilities and provides unique solutions often required as part of our customer’s training facilities.

“As the trusted partner at every stage of a range project, we are not just presenting products; we’re unveiling the future of shooting range technology. Action Target is thrilled to showcase the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions that embody our relentless commitment to excellence,” states Mike Birch, the CEO at Action Target. “This event is not just a display; it’s a testament to our dedication to building the safest and most advanced shooting ranges possible.”

Experience the Future - Event Highlights:

  1. PRODUCT UNVEILING: Witness the revelation of cutting-edge shooting range equipment designed to redefine safety, functionality, and user experience standards.
    1. SmartRange AXISTM Range Control System
    2. Target Systems and Retrievers
    3. Shooting Stalls
    4. Steel & Rubber Bullet Traps
    5. TAC & MATCH Shoot House
    6. Modular Ranges
    7. Simulation Training
    8. Range Services
  2. LIVE DEMONSTRATION: Immerse yourself in the experience as Action Target unveils live demonstrations featuring state-of-the-art shooting range systems and targets. Feel the power and precision firsthand.
  3. EXPERT CONSULTATIONS: Engage in exclusive one-on-one discussions with our industry experts, gaining insights into the latest trends and answering your burning questions about our range products and services.

About Action Target

Action Target is the leading global expert on modern shooting ranges. Since 1986, the company has partnered with thousands of range owners worldwide to design, install, and maintain world-class shooting ranges, systems, and equipment for law enforcement, military, educational, commercial, and residential markets. Action Target provides range solutions and services for indoor/outdoor shooting ranges, modular ranges, and shoot houses. Products supported include ballistic shooting stalls, smart target retrievers, reactive targets, steel and rubber berm bullet traps, enclosure baffles, security systems, lighting, ventilation, Smart Range AXISTM range control system, and a 3-year warranty on critical products. As the industry’s broadest end-to-end solution provider, Action Target offers a comprehensive selection of aftermarket range services, including parts and maintenance programs, rubber trap cleaning, metals recycling, hazardous waste and filter disposal, and an online store for range supplies.

Embark on a journey into the future of shooting range excellence with Action Target.

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