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Wellness room essentials I hope go on sale during Amazon Prime Day

Products to engage the senses and equip a comfortable, calming space

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Editor’s note: Amazon Prime Day is an annual event offering deep discounts, deals and doorbusters on a variety of products, from clothing to electronics to appliances to outdoor gear and more. This year, Amazon Prime Day deals will be live from July 16-17, though some deals are already live here.

For first responders, Amazon Prime Day is a great time to take stock of your professional needs and look for deals to upgrade your tools, uniforms, personal fitness gadgets and other needs. If you’re unsure how Amazon Prime Days work, check out these these frequently asked questions to get started.

If your employer recognizes the importance of mental health and well-being, you may find yourself lucky enough to have a designated wellness area in your workplace.

Wellness rooms are a safe place to rest, reflect and quiet the mind amid the chaos of calls and other responsibilities. How can we achieve such an environment in a place that revolves around quickly getting on apparatus and going to calls? It’s not easy, but it is achievable with the right products and some out-of-the-box thinking.

Products to outfit a station wellness room

When it comes to achieving a peaceful, meditative state, I’ve often found that getting in touch with our senses can help to quieten our thoughts and focus the mind. The following additions to your wellness room engage the senses. Be ready to add to them your cart during Amazon Prime Day!


When I think about being in a cozy, comfortable and safe place where I can rest my mind momentarily, I think about the “at home” feeling that is typically difficult to replicate in the workplace.

One way to mimic that vibe is by laying rugs or carpet to achieve a congenial, homey feeling. In a wellness room, I think this is a must. It does not have to be a giant one that covers wall to wall, rather Amazon sells beautiful area rugs in a variety of sizes to fit your space.

The Hauteloom collection adds comfort and is designed to withstand wear and tear.


Another critical item for a wellness room is proper lighting. The last thing you want is those bright, industrial-grade fluorescent ceiling lights in a room that is supposed to be relaxing and comforting.

One great alternative is the Caromolly therapy light, a desktop lamp with various settings, including soft and warm colors, brightness control and a timer. This is a great light source, especially for those living in climates that don’t get a ton of sun year-round. Amazon is currently offering a 20% discount code on this lamp.

A Himalayan salt lamp can also instantly provide relaxing ambiance in a room. The Spantik salt lamp delivers a calming amber glow for under $20.


Essential oils, such as lavender, eucalyptus or lemongrass, when released via a diffuser, can leave the room with a pleasant, calming aroma that completely transforms the vibe of a space. Amazon offers a gamut of diffusers.

Built with a quiet-release mechanism, remote control capabilities and LED lights, the ASAKUKI 500 mL oil diffuser is the perfect addition to a workplace wellness room, priced at just $21.


For a wellness room to truly check all the boxes, there should be some kind of device to drown out background noise. I can’t speak to specific department SOPs in regards to radio communication availability, but if you can designate someone to keep an ear out and alert you upon receipt of a radio transmission, this might be the best way to get some peace of mind while ensuring you don’t miss a call.

The Meditation White Noise Sound Machine has 30 soothing sounds, different light settings and timer/memory functions. Priced just under $20, this is another wellness room must-have.

Investing in mental health

There are many features that can complement a wellness room, from plants to therapy animals.

Use a sign to make your wellness room accessible, allowing everyone to use this space without fear of judgment and without constant interruption.

Wellness room essentials

At the end of the day, I believe investing in your employees’ mental health, whether with a wellness room or some other way, is an investment that will pay endless dividends.

Ahmad Taha is a Nationally Registered Paramedic and Certified Athletic Trainer. He started his career at Boston EMS in 2016, transitioning to the Sharon Fire Department in 2021. At both agencies, Ahmad has been heavily involved in creating and maintaining a Health and Wellness program that is second to none and inclusive to all. His experience in training bodybuilding and weight loss clients has translated smoothly to first responders, helping them implement proper body mechanics and strategies for injury prevention and longevity in their careers.