Tie your shoes... to an investigation

Suspects vigorously clean, conceal, discard, or destroy clothing worn during the commission of a crime, but for reasons that defy explanation, they tend to place less emphasis on their shoes

Young detectives tend to be hungry for knowledge and they often look to their senior detectives for advice. Some are lucky enough to have valuable advice shared with them on a regular basis while others have to wait for a rare opportunity when a veteran detective decides to share a pearl of wisdom.

It’s been several years since I received the pearl that I’m about to share with you. When I first received this investigative advice, I chuckled at its simplicity. In theory, it seemed quite obvious, but in practice I realized that I was not taking advantage — at least as often as I should — of this opportunity to improve my case clearances.

The advice consisted of only three words. When it was shared with me, the three words were repeated three times in a row to give it its intended and well deserved emphasis. Without further delay, here is your pearl: “Take the shoes!”

As in, “Take the shoes! Take the shoes! Take the shoes!”

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