Intelligent Computer Solutions’ 4000PRO Offers New Interface Support and Unique Forensic Capabilities

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The mid-size Image MASSter™ Line of Hard Drive Duplicators offers expandable options and forensic image acquisition plus archiving with a push of a button.

CHATSWORTH, CA.--Intelligent Computer Solutions (ICS), the innovators of the Image MASSter™ and Rapid Image™ IT and Forensic High Speed, Hard Drive Data Acquisition product lines, announces today the introduction of the Image MASSter™ 4000PRO IT Expandable and 4000PRO Forensic Uploader Products.

The new Image MASSter™ 4000PRO IT Expandable units are now available with Expansion Ready hardware to expand the unit’s capabilities. Expansion Ready units support the use of the Optional IM4000PRO Expansion Box. The Expansion Box adds SCSI and Firewire Drive Interface support and offers a platform which can be easily customized by the End User to add additional support for a variety of drive interfaces not commonly available in a single unit, eliminating the need for purchasing additional “one dimensional” units.

In addition, the Image MASSter 4000PRO Forensic Uploader units feature the unique capability of sequentially acquiring and simultaneously uploading up to 8 suspect drives, in a fast and forensically secure environment. Suspect drive images can be uploaded to External Storage Media or to a Network Location for Archiving or Sharing purposes and for future Analysis. The process of uploading 8 Suspect drives can be automated without the need to start 8 separate operations. Network Uploads using the unit’s native 1Gigabit Ethernet interface offers speeds exceeding 2GB/min, and speeds exceeding 4GB/min are available when using the unit’s optional Expansion Box, configured by the End User with High Speed Network Interface Cards such as a 10Gbit NIC. Furthermore, this Versatile Data Acquisition device also supports the traditional Drive-to-Drive imaging features with the capability of performing the simultaneous acquisition of up to 4 Suspect drives to 4 individual Evidence drives. These units are preconfigured and ready for use with the Optional Expansion Box.

“New hard drive interface support is in high demand amongst IT organizations. We have extended our product line to accommodate this demand and have prepared our units for any new drive interfaces that may come in the future,” states Ezra Kohavi, President of ICS. “This same technology has been applied to our new Forensics product line, considering the unique needs of Computer Forensic Investigators.”

The IM4000PRO product lines are designed for ease of use, with a compact footprint, and native support for high speed duplication of up to eight SAS and SATA drives, and duplication of up to four USB drives. In addition, they support the duplication of IDE, CF, uSATA and eSATA drives with optional adapters. These units offer a Cable-Free Drive Caddy solution for quick and easy drive insertion, minimizing maintenance costs and wear and tear issues associated with the use of cables.

Furthermore, the Image MASSter™ 4000PRO product lines are designed to support today’s High Performance drives, featuring advanced SATA-2 Duplication Technology that can copy and wipe drives at validated speeds of 13GB/min. This advanced technology also prepares the User with the hardware necessary to take advantage of tomorrow’s hard drive speed improvements, with the potential of 18GB/min transfer rates. For a detailed list of features log on to

About Intelligent Computer Solutions
ICS is a pioneer in disk drive duplication, having first introduced this technology to the world in 1991, in a US patented device. For over twenty years ICS has focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to the Computer Hardware Manufacturers, large IT Organizations, and small IT Departments around the world. ICS also supports state, local and federal government, Law Enforcement communities and the growing private digital forensics investigation sector through the development of leading edge digital forensics hardware and software technology used in some of the most complex digital forensics investigations today. ICS’ product line includes: Handheld IT and Forensic Duplicators, Industrial Multi-Drive Duplicators, Portable Forensic Workstations, Hard Drive Sanitization Units, Write Protection devices and more. Learn more about ICS at

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