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Reading graffiti: How to get gang intel, save money, and reduce headaches (white paper)

Although graffiti is often overlooked for being a low-level crime, employing a systematic program of tracking graffiti activity and seeking restitution can benefit communities, help at-risk youth, and assist law enforcement, all while greatly reducing the expense of abatement efforts.

By tracking, analyzing and acting upon the information contained in the graffiti markings themselves, a city can experience many positive outcomes, which include:

  • Significantly reduced annual abatement expenses
  • Increased restitution revenue
  • Support for at-risk youth
  • Recovered intelligence on gang activities that would otherwise be lost, and
  • Positive, long-term relationships in the community

In this white paper, learn how to deploy a graffiti program, including technology that makes it easier to get up and running with minimal manpower.

Click here to download the full white paper.

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