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Fast, AI-driven video and audio analysis for law enforcement introduced at IACP 2023

SNIPR™ 2.0 brings powerful capabilities to the law enforcement community in a streamlined “user-easy” interface that lets anyone review all types of media in real time.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. -, a DataShapes company, is introducing SNIPR 2.0 to the law enforcement community at the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) in San Diego this week, partnering with Carahsoft to provide demos at the Carahsoft booth (#5327) on Monday, October 16 during regular exhibit hours.

With SNIPR 2.0, supervisors, investigators, and analysts can review massive amounts of video and audio footage in minutes rather than in the hours needed to process the content manually.

“SNIPR 2.0 is a force-multiplier,” said Jon Myers, Executive CEO and Founder of “It helps law enforcement break through all the noise to find information that can keep officers and communities safer—and it does it in real time. Agencies at every level are already stretching their limited resources to cover the huge amounts of content coming in—from tips, cellphone videos, body cameras, social media, and so on. SNIPR 2.0 turns digital media content into a valuable asset that can help law enforcement close cases, detect threats, and facilitate the highest standards of professionalism.”

To use SNIPR, analysts simply enter the words and phrases they want to target in a media file. SNIPR finds any matches to the keywords in video images, in text within an image (as on a sign), or in audio. SNIPR’s patented technology finds and flags all matches and—with its intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard—takes users directly to the location in the media where each match occurred, providing investigators with instant access to relevant information.

“Even someone new to SNIPR can get significant results in a matter of minutes,” said Daniel Jackson, Director of Business Development for “It’s gratifying to see how quickly SNIPR can get through hours and hours of media to find the information that law enforcement needs. With SNIPR, the investigators and analysts whose job it is to get through all that content are instantly more productive. Supervisors can also use SNIPR proactively to review body-camera footage and provide officers with coaching and training for safer, more-effective interactions with their communities.”

Works With the Formats You Use Most

SNIPR processes audio and video content from the most common digital media sources, including content from body cameras, doorbell cameras, in-vehicle cameras, inmate phone calls, social media/OSINT, and cell phones, as well as from popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram. SNIPR integrates easily with scrapers and web crawlers, letting users continually analyze content of interest.

SNIPR works with over 70 different media platforms and on audio and video files in more than 20 languages.

Partners with Carahsoft, a DataShapes company, is partnering with Carahsoft to help Government agencies connect technology and high-performance computing capabilities to meet mission needs. Learn more about Carahsoft’s AI and Machine Learning solutions at

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