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Carbon Black Teams Up with iSIGHT Partners to Deliver Comprehensive Threat Intelligence for Endpoint Security

Partnership equips users to better detect and contextualize real-time threats and accelerate incident response.

July 30, 2013 iSIGHT Partners, the leader in global cyber threat intelligence, and Carbon Black, the leading provider of endpoint intelligence for breach preparation and incident response, have entered into a global technology partnership to create an integrated cyber threat intelligence platform.

The partnership blends Carbon Black’s 360-degree network visibility and historical traceability with iSIGHT Partners’ unmatched threat intelligence, equipping information security professionals with the data they need to quickly and conclusively detect emerging threats and conduct incident response at a fraction of the cost. Carbon Black users will be able to connect to iSIGHT Partners’ threat intelligence feeds directly through the Carbon Black UI.

In order to provide its federal and private industry clients with real-time and emerging threat intelligence, Carbon Black aimed to partner with a company that has an unparalleled, deep understanding of who the attackers are, what they are attacking, and the methodologies they are utilizing. With more than 190 employees across 16 countries and 24 different languages, iSIGHT Partners delivers that context on a global basis via its unsurpassed cyber threat intelligence suite.

“We’re working to provide every stakeholder in the organization, from the CEO to Incident Response teams with a complete solution,” said Carbon Black CEO Michael Viscuso. “iSIGHT’s threat intelligence allows our users to prepare for, detect and respond to emerging threats all within one platform and without any additional effort.”

iSIGHT Partners’ cyber threat intelligence products have transformed the cyber security industry by providing actionable intelligence to the most challenging and often most overlooked phase of security, adversarial intent and motivational context. Without this knowledge, it’s often difficult for cyber security teams within organizations to prioritize their attention, funds, and personnel in the face of relentless cyber attacks and open vulnerabilities.

“We’re witnessing a growing problem within organizations of all sizes and regions globally. Cyber threats are increasing faster than the resources and budget to meet them. Most tools available merely add more flashing lights to the workload,” said iSIGHT Partners CEO John Watters. “This partnership and resulting product offering provides context around security events, connecting an actual event within an organization’s security infrastructure, to the context of the attack method that it represents, and the objectives of the adversary behind the attack. Security teams can then use this actionable intelligence to focus time, resources and budgets on threats that pose the greatest risk to the business.”

About Carbon Black

Carbon Black is changing the dynamics of incident response by helping organizations better prepare for the inevitable data breach. Established in 2011 as a subsidiary of Kyrus, Carbon Black empowers security professionals and businesses with critical data that provides unmatched visibility and traceability across their enterprises.

Organizations using Carbon Black have experienced as much as a 97% reduction in the time, cost and disruption associated with a data breach.

About iSIGHT Partners

Dallas-based iSIGHT Partners is a global cyber threat intelligence firm that delivers actionable intelligence products and services to leading enterprises in business and government. With a global network of security analysts and geographic research and analysis centers in Washington DC, The Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine, India and China, iSIGHT Partners is uniquely positioned to monitor and mine the cyber threat ecosystem and deliver proprietary intelligence products and services specific to the threats its clients face. Find iSIGHT Partners on the web at or email us at