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CSI heats things up with TEC Torch™ at 2019 SHOT Show

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TEC Torch™-
CSI is excited to introduce TEC Torch™ Thermal Breaching. This handheld cartridge-based thermal cutting system contains a proprietary thermite composition for optimal cutting performance and reduced signature. Cartridges burn in excess of 3000° for 1-2 seconds and are fully sealed with an internal electric lighter. Cartridge models are available in plate penetrator and rod cutting configurations. Accessories for remote mounting are also available. This unique combination of thermal energy and mechanical erosion will safely defeat a variety of breaching obstacles.

5230B CI-
Our Baffled CS Canister Grenade with low flame potential is now available to be utilized in a command-initiated manner. This pyrotechnic grenade is designed for indoor use and delivers a maximum amount of irritant smoke throughout multiple rooms with minimal risk of fire. A modified pen flare initiator with a #209 primer activates the standard 201 fuze on the baffled grenade by way of a non-electric small plastic tube, known as “shock-tube”. This action allows law enforcement officers to introduce CS irritant on command into a building from a safe stand-off position.

PG6 40-LR-Short-
New from Penn Arms this year is the PG6 40-LR-Short. This compact 40mm launcher is intuitively designed with the ultimate mission in mind. We have shortened the rifled barrel without compromising any velocity or accuracy. This launcher also features our new pump and lock release that allows you to secure the weapon on your shoulder and aim with confidence. This versatile weapon provides the user with a commanding tactical advantage.

Our purpose at CSI is to develop and manufacture less-lethal force options to give you the right tools for your specific mission. View our complete product line at