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Bodycam: Alton Police Department Texas - Domestic Dispute (Transition from Firearm to BolaWrap)

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The BolaWrap is used daily in the field by law enforcement officers all around the world to provide safer outcomes for community members and the men and women in uniform who serve those communities. This situation showcases the capability of the BolaWrap® to deliver safe outcomes even in dangerous and dynamic scenarios. The decision made by the Alton Police Officer to utilize the BolaWrap® was commendable and resulted in a positive outcome for all parties involved. The video also clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the BolaWrap® in stopping a criminal suspect who was running away at full speed, a critical use case for many high-stress scenarios. We believe BolaWrap® can be the smart solution to end many foot chases from continuing. Watch this video from Alton, Texas to see how Alton officers made life saving decisions during a dangerous and dynamic scenario by using the BolaWrap to stop a criminal suspect who was running away at full speed.

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