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Author and police veteran David Berez shares resiliency techniques officers can use to raise their baseline of mental and emotional strength
There are things you do as a cop to make up for missing the holidays. Sneaking home in the middle of the night to put presents under the tree is one of them
This diverse mix will provide hours of listening, watching and reading pleasure
Author Luis Rivera provides a rollercoaster of emotions and reflections on the landscape of law enforcement
The book offers a virtual ride-along with LVMPD officers, with proceeds supporting public safety
What’s even more special is that these gifts help support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund
A veteran cop who spent over 30 years policing Metropolitan Detroit writes about complex investigations into human trafficking enforcement, sting operations and homicide cases
Author and NYPD Detective Investigator Adrian Goodwin has one goal: to foster a positive perception of police among the youngest members of the community
You do not have to be a great public speaker, but you must show effective composure, dignity and confidence and not have distracting mannerisms or verbal habits
Access practical, no-frills advice about what to do to counter the day-to-day challenges and outright calamities that make up the first-line law enforcement leader’s work life
A veteran homicide detective discusses his book about a multidisciplinary investigation that started at an arson scene and ended nearly a year later with the case solved, plus he shares some pearls of wisdom for new detectives