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Locked-in: The future of police tablets in cruisers

As tablets become increasingly ubiquitous, so does the technology that supports them in patrol cars

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The TabCruzer Mini holding a tablet

photo courtesy of Gamber-Johnson

By Police1 Brandfocus Staff

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Police departments around the country are quickly switching out the laptops in their patrol cars for tablets. They’re smaller, easier to carry around outside of the vehicle, and more versatile. This mirrors a larger trend toward tablets in the U.S. Between 2013 and 2014, there was a 90 percent increase in the number of actively-connected tablets in this country. And with technologies being developed that leverage the tablet’s mobility and capabilities, this trend is only likely to continue. Rugged tablets have made significant headway in police work, with the ability to withstand drops, tough environmental conditions, and other wear and tear common in the law enforcement field.

Tablets are familiar

In law enforcement, tablets are being greeted with open arms. Since so many Americans have tablets at home, it makes the transition to learning how to use them at work easier. Add to this the generally intuitive nature of tablets, and you have the perfect, easy-to-adopt tool for law enforcement.

Tablets are efficient

Tablets are excellent at better capturing data. Officers can alternate between applications for electronic ticketing, identity verification, video and photo evidence collection, and more with the swipe of a finger. The real benefit to this kind of flexibility is to help provide officers with a single, holistic solution, greatly increasing the efficiency of documentation.

This need for efficiency will only continue to grow in the future, as more companies develop applications that fill the needs of law enforcement officers. From NCID access to incident reporting and mobile command capabilities, the tablet will continue to find a place in the law enforcement world. And that means finding a home in patrol cars.

So, how does the tablet fit into the patrol car?

Regardless of which tablet your department chooses, it needs to be easily accessible where officers need it most: patrol cars. Gamber-Johnson is getting ahead of the tablet trend and releasing a consumer tablet mount for patrol vehicles. The TabCruzer Mini is a mount designed to cradle tablet computers securely and so they can be accessed quickly and easily. Its universal design fits most models used by law enforcement, giving agencies the ability to invest in new tablets without needing to invest in new technology to connect them to patrol cars.

The TabCruzer series boasts a combination of polycarbonate and steel design for unmatched durability. The reversible front and back supports adjust to accommodate varying depths of tablets, so regardless of your model; the cradle will fit your tablet. Side clips are easily adjusted to the proper tablet height and work with most tablets. The VESA 75mm standard mounting pattern allows the cradle to fit in most police cars using standard mounting equipment.

The cradle allows for quick initial size adjustment using a heavy-duty key lock that turns 90 degrees to open or close the cradle. In addition, the cradle’s design allows for quick tablet insertion and removal—ideal for officers on the go, who often need their computers with them on-scene. The reversible front and back supports are adjustable, so they can accommodate the varying depths of different models, and side clips adjust easily to the proper tablet height.

A history of durable design

Gamber-Jonson, makers of the TabCruzer vehicle mounts, has a nearly 60-year history of manufacturing products that are built to perform well and stand the test of time.

Tablets are finding their place as a crucial tool in law enforcement, and departments will need to find a solution to connect them to their patrol cars. The TabCruzer Mini offers sleek design, adjustability, and works on almost any commercial tablet in existence. The durable tablet cradle provides the durability that law enforcement agencies need. You can find more information on the mount line here: