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Detail Kommander adds Officer Rating System to their Off Duty Detail software, the only complete electronic solution for Off Duty and Secondary Employment management.

Orlando, FL - Kommander Software announced the addition of the Officer Rating System to Detail Kommander, the revolutionary Off Duty Detail management software that allows agencies to completely manage their off duty detail or secondary employment program more efficiently than ever. “ Detail Kommander is the first ever 21st century solution to the old school process of Off Duty Detail management . Now, with the addition of the Officer Rating System, agencies can offer their business community an integrated feedback tool. It’s the very first of its kind, and continues to separate Detail Kommander from any other system”, said Bill Kicklighter, CEO. “As a former law enforcement Chief, I know very well the challenges agencies face trying to manage their off duty detail or secondary employment program. The industry needed a much better solution than anything that was being offered, so we committed ourselves to solving the problem.” Detail Kommander is available to law enforcement and public safety agencies nationwide.

Using an innovative approach that combines advanced software engineering and financial technology, Detail Kommander provides immediate benefits and efficiencies to agencies and officers, as well as businesses hiring offduty law enforcement personnel. From electronic payment by the business to officers and/or agencies receiving funds by direct deposit, Detail Kommander streamlines the entire process in a way never imagined. It’s the first ever end to end electronic solution and it allows agencies to maintain complete control over the entire


Detail Kommander offers proprietary features such as the Custom Fairness Engine and now the Officer Rating System. An automated, fair process for posting, bidding and selecting officers for offduty
jobs is critical, as is a fair rating system that offers businesses the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to agencies. Detail Kommander allows agencies to use their own policies and practices to customize the application while taking advantage of powerful software engineering that does the heavy lifting and task work for them. We are very excited about the tremendous response to Detail Kommander , said Bill Kicklighter from the Alabama Police Chief’s winter conference. “We are humbled by the support of our law enforcement family and proud to provide them with a tool that saves their agencies significant time and money.”

Detail Kommander is a great solution for any size agency, large or small, and it’s extremely budget friendly. Contact Kommander Software for more information and for a free, no obligation demo to see how the product can help your agency.

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