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Fusus and CARFAX for Police partner to provide fast access to critical vehicle history records in Fusus platform

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Centreville, Va., — Conducting investigations from a single pane of glass is crucial to help law enforcement professionals quickly access vital information. That’s why Fusus, the market leader in real-time crime centers for public safety agencies in the U.S., has partnered with CARFAX for Police, the trusted provider of vehicle history information, to give law enforcement agencies fast access to the CARFAX database of 31 billion vehicle records.

The Fusus solution makes it simple for communities to break down existing security information silos by allowing owners of private security systems to opt-in to providing law enforcement and public safety agencies with access to live-streaming video and evidence from public spaces, enhancing the safety of shopping malls, retailers, educational institutions, office buildings and more.

This collaboration with CARFAX for Police will allow law enforcement agencies to access their CARFAX account with the simple click of a button, making it easier for investigators to make more informed decisions and act quickly in the fight against crime. More than 75 percent of all crimes involve a vehicle, and every 37 seconds, a law enforcement professional uses a CARFAX Investigative Tool. Currently, more than 100,000 users at 5,400+ partner agencies access these tools at no cost.

“The need for technology partnerships across the spectrum of public safety innovation is critical to creating a well-rounded community safety ecosystem–one that not only helps agencies in their missions to protect citizens, but also enhances citizen trust by delivering quicker resolution to investigations.” said Chris Lindenau, CEO of Fusus. “The Partnership with CARFAX for Police supports both, and we are proud to deliver this groundbreaking partnership in support of those who serve, and those they serve.”

“CARFAX for Police recognizes the importance of making it as easy as possible for law enforcement professionals to access multiple intelligence sources from a single application,” commented Lt. Michael Ledoux (ret.), CARFAX for Police Business Development Director. “Partnering with Fusus is a significant step forward in our mission to deliver critical information that helps to solve crimes faster.”

About Fusus

Fusus is the most widely used and trusted Real-Time Crime Center platform in U.S. Law Enforcement for nearly 200 agencies. The Fusus Platform is an open ecosystem that integrates and enhances all public safety and investigations assets. It can integrate with any data source, pull in public and private video feeds, enable video sources with artificial intelligence, integrate ALPR, bodycam, drone, and aircraft feeds, and do it all by utilizing and unifying existing equipment. The Fusus platform is affordable and scalable for agencies of every size and budget. It enables law enforcement and public safety personnel to function more efficiently and with improved operational intelligence, creating a common operating picture emphasizing officer, citizen, and community safety. To learn more about Fusus, visit or send an email.

About CARFAX for Police  

CARFAX for Police provides trusted insights and solutions that power law enforcement agencies to create better protected communities, and safer, more efficient agencies. More than 5,400 data-sharing law enforcement agencies across North America trust and rely upon an ever-growing, no-cost suite of web-based, digital traffic, records, training, and interoperable investigative tools and solutions that serve as force multipliers in resolving cases using more than 31 billion vehicle history records, driving workflow efficiencies, improving safety, and building better community relationships. Learn more at