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Columbus launches cutting-edge navigation solution for emergency & rescue services

LAS VEGAS — Columbus Geographic Systems (GIS) Ltd. today launched a cutting-edge navigation and geographic information system (GIS) for emergency & rescue services.

The new solution, based on the Company’s SmartView product, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of police, fire, and other services dealing with emergency events such as accidents, natural disasters, and forest fires. This solution includes tools to quickly and easily visualize the critical areas and resources needed to analyze, plan, respond, and manage emergency incidents.

Key features include:

  • Dynamically analyses the geographical conditions and topography of the emergency site before rescue teams even arrive at the scene. This saves critical time and ensures the rescue teams arrive fully prepared.
  • Tracks exact location of all resources involved, contributing to better coordination between all teams - police, fire, ambulance etc.
  • Supports real-time decision making, including allocating missions to individual teams, vehicles, and other resources such as search & rescue boats or casualty evacuation helicopters.

“Our solution enables emergency teams to more effectively plan and coordinate response to events. The result is faster response times with the right resources, which is critical in any emergency situation,” said Tsvika Freidman, CEO of Columbus. “This application has been successfully used by the Israeli police rescue service in all types of weather and terrain. Building on this success, we plan to aggressively market this application to emergency & rescue services around the world.”

About Columbus Geographic Systems
Columbus Geographic Systems (GIS) Ltd. is a rising player in the field of geographic information systems (GIS) and navigation applications. The Company brings advanced software capabilities to a wide range of users and devices, previously only accessible to trained professionals on dedicated devices.

Main products:

  • Highly-effective off road, outdoor GPS navigation tools, working on a full range of devices including Car PC, PDA, and Personal Navigation Devices (PND), with options for 3D imaging.
  • Innovative, affordable GIS tools easily used in a range of applications, including businesses, agriculture, surveys, and government agencies.
  • Aerial GIS applications for military and civilian aircraft operating in complex or threatening environments.

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