Manteca PD Launches Crime-Mapping Web Site

Shares user-friendly crime data to improve crime activity awareness, education and safety Manteca, CA — The Manteca Police Department introduced a new service to the community – a public web site that links citizens to crime activity maps, crime data analysis and educational resources specific to the city of Manteca. The web site gives citizens the ability to fully know the level of crime, and the types of crimes in their neighborhoods. Subscribers also receive weekly crime reports in an automated email notification. The new web site adds to Manteca’s growing list of proactive crime intervention and prevention strategies already in place such as Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watch.

“We want this information readily available to people so they’re aware of what’s going on around them,” Chief of Police Charles M. Halford emphasized. “It has long been our philosophy to engage the community and partner with citizens and businesses to do our job. This web site is an extension of our efforts and helps people to take a quick look at real crime happening every day.”

The web site can be accessed at This leading edge Internet option employs state-of-the-art technology and further positions Manteca’s police department at the forefront of innovative and community-minded agencies. Using applications by Stockton-based CPS Solutions, Chief Halford says citizens are “seeing” exactly what officers see – the actual “calls for service” and activity resulting in written crime reports. For example, users can zoom in on neighborhoods and crime types to access maps that display crime data, visually connecting with the proximity and severity of crime activity that may be near them. “For us, informed citizens make a tremendous difference in our success in responding to crime, and preventing crime. We rely on that partnership and this web-site tool is one more way we can facilitate awareness and education,” Halford notes.

“The Manteca Police Department really sees the value of sharing crime information widely,” CPS Solutions founder Gary Gorham explains. “This technology allows people to gain perspective and see their community in a new way with maps, graphics and other useful data. We live in an age where it is vitally necessary for everyone to share in the responsibility of a safe community and that means having real crime data at their fingertips.”

The Manteca Police Department, founded in 1918, thrives today serving more than 65,000 citizens. A full-service law enforcement agency, the Manteca Police Department employs the latest technology and policing techniques to ensure a safe and prosperous community.

CPS Solutions, a software development company in Stockton, California, was established in 2001 to facilitate community safety with technology products, including crime mapping, data management and law enforcement strategic analysis opportunities. Visit www.cpssolutions.comor call (209) 479-5477 for more information.

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