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How to buy quartermaster/inventory management software (eBook)

Download this Police1 quartermaster/inventory management software buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


Law enforcement officers work with a broad array of equipment, from $4 whistles to $40,000 patrol cars. The task of keeping track of all this gear falls to the agency’s supply officer or quartermaster.

The job of the quartermaster is complex. Some equipment, such as uniform shirts, have an expected service life and are periodically replaced without having to turn in the old shirt. On the other end of the spectrum are items like firearms that may stay with one officer for their entire career and still be serviceable when the officer retires.

Managing all this material is simplified with quartermaster software. Purpose-designed, rather than adapted from a spreadsheet or database application, the best quartermaster packages save time and effort and provide better security than a homegrown database can offer.

This Police1 guide addresses the key issues to consider when acquiring quartermaster/inventory management software.

Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing quartermaster/inventory management software, ensuring you understand your department’s specific needs and the capabilities of different systems.
  • Top implementation strategies, helping you integrate the software effectively into your operations.
  • Essential questions to ask vendors, enabling you to gather all necessary information for informed purchasing decisions.

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