PoliceOne Announces Launch of Version 2.0 of the PoliceOne Academy, the Premier Online Learning Platform for Law Enforcement

Upgraded version features significant improvements to learning management capabilities and ease of use


SAN FRANCISCO, CA –, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, today announced the release of Version 2.0 of its Police1 Academy learning management system, offering significant improvements to the most comprehensive online training video library for law enforcement agencies.  

The Police1 Academy offers over 800 high-quality police training videos covering over 40 topics from the leading law enforcement experts and more than 130 full length courses and training blocks. The Police1 Academy currently serves over 30,000 officers and 600 departments and is certified or accepted for training credit in 33 states. The rollout of the Police1 Academy Version 2.0 presents users with the most advanced user experience on the market and a number of new features:

  • A new policies tool allows admins to create, manage and assign department policies to officers and track completion with a quiz or confirmation
  • Responsive Web site adjusts seamlessly to tablets and mobile devices
  • A faster and easier to use Web site experience including streamlined notifications, reporting and search tools
  • Improved accountability features and upgraded assignment, groups and user management
  • Better support for multi-department accounts
  • An upgraded help center and new video walkthrough tutorials make using the product simple and easy to understand

The upgrades in Version 2.0 create the most modern system available with a responsive design that allows users to easily access the academy anywhere on any device. Additional features coming soon include enhanced customization features giving departments the ability to create custom courses and share custom content between organizations for collaboration and interoperability.

“We are excited for the launch of Version 2.0 of our Police1 Academy which offers substantial improvements in speed, ease of use and quality as we continue to add new content at a rapid pace.” said Alex Ford, CEO of Police1. “The usability of the new platform is unmatched and we are excited for both current and new customers to benefit from the leading online learning platform in the Law Enforcement industry as it continues to evolve to meet the needs of departments nationwide.”

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About Police1 Academy, the leading online resource for the law enforcement community, is the proud owner of the Police1 Academy. With over 800 videos in more than 40 categories, Police1 Academy gives departments’ instant access to training that will advance officer’s performance and help to keep them safer on the streets. Police1 Academy offers an advanced delivery system that ensures a high quality of streaming along with access to training materials 24/7.


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