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Cellsense Launches the FG1 Search Unit, the Wall-mounted Cell Phone and Contraband Detector, for Prison Safety

Cellsense®, the leading name in cell phone contraband detection for prisons, launches the FG1 Search Unit for wall-mounted detection. The FG1 is always on and ever-ready to promote safety during inmate intake, booking, or transport. The FG1 Search Unit scans inmates from head to toe when they walk-by, detecting contraband cell phones and other dangerous metal objects that pose a threat. Its sensitivity finds all cell phones, on or off, concealed on or inside the body, as well as other contraband such as blades, shanks or lighters,” according to Pat Smith, company spokesperson.

Cell phones are increasingly manufactured with reduced metal content, making detection using conventional metal detectors less certain. Cell phones do however contain essential components that the FG1 Search Unit readily detects.

Because it is mounted to walls or narrow entry-ways, the FG1 is ideal for processing and booking units where space can limit use of other detection products. The FG1 is pre-tuned to the environment, requiring no calibration or adjustment by staff. Always on and in constant readiness, the FG1 allows officers and staff to direct inmates while keeping both hands free.

The FG1 Search Unit scans for contraband items which are in motion. Stationary objects are not detected, so the unit can be sited in the proximity of cell doors, steel reinforced concrete floors or walls.

The FG1 Search Unit is a permanent fixture to the correctional facility and joins Cellsense, the leading portable contraband detector. Smith says, “We’re committed to offering solutions to keep correctional facilities ahead in the fight against inmate contraband and cell phones.”

About Cellsense
Cellsense is dedicated to providing complete solutions for cell phone contraband detection. Founded by military scientists inventing landmine and submarine detectors, Cellsense products are deployed in correctional and police facilities in over 20 states, worldwide embassies, high-impact government buildings and other commercial security applications. Cellsense protects correctional facilities, security personnel and the public around the world from the dangers of smuggled inmate cell phones and weapons.