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Cannabix Technologies to participate in green lab held by Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department

The department has held green lab events since 2017 in order to help train police officers about cannabis driving impairment


Photo via Cannabix

Press Release

VANCOUVER, B.C. - Cannabix Technologies Inc., developer of marijuana and alcohol breath testing devices, reports that it will be participating in a “green lab” testing day in Montgomery County, Maryland held by the Montgomery County Police Department. In particular the Company will be supplying its marijuana breathalyzer technology and sending its own representative to facilitate the collection of breath samples alongside law enforcement officers who are testing subjects under the influence of marijuana. The green lab is being held by the Public Safety Training Academy for the Montgomery County Police Department. Various local, regional and out of state representatives are expected to attend the event being held in early January 2024.

The Montgomery County Police Department has held green lab events since 2017, in order to help train police officers about cannabis driving impairment. The green lab aids officers in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement training which helps them learn of the effects of marijuana, and what signs to look for when conducting sobriety tests. Cannabix will be sending its own representative and Breath Collection Units (“BCU”) (See Figure 1) to collect breath samples at various time points pre and post marijuana consumption by subjects. Furthermore, Cannabix will be introducing its technology as a new tool for detection of marijuana in breath to attendees.

In recent months, Cannabix has been using its BCU and Mass Spectrometer Breath Sampler (“MSBS”) to quantify delta-9 THC in human breath samples. Cannabix scientists are using an internal standard to generate a calibration curve for THC quantification in breath samples. Currently, a limit of detection and limit of quantification have been achieved with human subjects in the low picogram range. This allows detection of THC from smoking and edibles up to 4+ hours after consumption.

Cannabix will look to participate in other green labs tests in order to introduce its products to law enforcement stakeholders and collect important data with real world testing conditions.

About Cannabix Technologies Inc.

Cannabix Technologies Inc. is a developer of marijuana and alcohol breathalyzer technologies for law enforcement, workplaces and laboratories. Cannabix is working to develop delta-9 THC and alcohol screening devices. Delta-9 THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana that causes impairment. Breath testing for delta-9 THC would allow employers and law enforcement to identify recent marijuana use that better aligns with impairment. Cannabix is the developer of contactless breath alcohol detection devices for employers and other settings.