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Coming Soon! New Guide From Looseleaf Law Prepares Officers to Combat Medical Crisis

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Flushing, New York—Looseleaf Law Publications, a top publisher of market-leading law
enforcement and criminal justice books, study aides and reference guides, is looking
forward to the imminent release of The Street Officers Guide To Emergency Medical
Tactics by Emergency Medical Technician Lieutenant Eric M. Dickinson. This critical
guide, which is expected to be available within 60 days and can be pre-ordered
immediately, will teach officers how to quickly and accurately evaluate and navigate
medical challenges police professionals often face in the field, from major combat-related
injuries to emergency childbirths.

“Understandably, officers and their agencies put forth great effort to ensure that they are
tactically prepared to face the threats of their job,” says Looseleaf President Michael
Loughrey. “However we, as Lieutenant Dickinson, believe that equal effort should be
invested in preparing to handle medical emergencies. In addition to allowing these
officers to better serve and protect their communities by rendering effective aid in a
medical emergency, this kind of training will also better arm them to assist fellow
officers—or even themselves—should they suffer major, potentially life-threatening

The Street Officers Guide To Emergency Medical Tactics covers an impressively
comprehensive span of topics including gunshot wounds, major chest wounds, blast
injuries, vehicle crash injuries, amputations, mass victim incidents, lacerations, bleeding
control, burns, cardiac emergencies, blood sugar crisis, spinal injuries, triage, tourniquet
usage, calming techniques, and shock assessment. “The universe of potential medical
emergencies an officer can face in the field is vast and their results can be catastrophic
but with knowledge, confidence and speed, officers can serve as an immediate first line
of defense against avoidable long-term suffering or death.”

PRE-RELEASE orders for The Street Officers Guide To Emergency Medical Tactics
are being taken NOW. Call (800) 647-5547 or visit