Free active shooter response course offered to support first responders

Police1 and Police1 Academy partner to provide training

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Over the past twenty years, active shooter events have occurred with increasing regularity and severity. We understand the vast challenges these scenes pose to responding agencies and we want to assist by providing access to timely and comprehensive training, which can make an enormous difference if your agency is faced with one of these events. In response to the recent incident in Parkland (Fla.) several weeks ago, Police1 and Police1 Academy are partnering to offer a free 1-hour course, Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention, available through April 15.

This course is designed to provide instruction to law enforcement officers in how to best – and most safely – respond to an active shooter incident.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Employ the tactical principles as Law Enforcement personnel, which plays a vital role in these incidents.
  • Adapt the decisions you make and the actions you take which will help determine the safest and most productive response during these incidents,
  • Aid in the survival of the injured and help minimize casualties.
  • Assess how law enforcement officers and others may identify, and manage the risk of future, planned violence.

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