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How to buy online training systems

Download this Police1 buying guide to learn key steps for product selection, purchasing and implementation


When police agencies face a budget crunch, officer training is frequently the first line item to be adversely affected. Training not only has its own costs but also involves the opportunity cost of taking police officers off the street. However, failure to train becomes a liability issue, so police departments need alternative avenues to get their officers trained at lower costs.

One solution is online learning systems, which can ensure that quality training is conducted at a reduced cost. However, as with any new technology, there is a learning curve for those tasked with making the purchasing decision.

This was especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic when online learning platforms became the primary training option due to restrictions and closures of in-person classrooms and training centers. The need for online learning options will persist long beyond the pandemic, so agencies need more than a Band-Aid approach to training their members at a distance.

If you are preparing to invest in an online training system, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, resources are available to help you through the process. This Police1 guide to online learning is a starting point for the purchasing process.

Included in this guide:

  • Key considerations before purchasing online training systems, ensuring you understand your department’s specific needs and the capabilities of different platforms.
  • Steps for implementation, helping you integrate the online training system effectively into your operations.
  • Essential questions to ask vendors, enabling you to gather all necessary information for informed purchasing decisions.

Download your free copy of the comprehensive “How to Buy Online Training Systems” guide from Police1 by filling out the form today.