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Performance Protocol donates services to assist Maui Police Department as Lahaina wildfire recovery efforts continue

Phoenix-Based Startup Will Offer Performance Coaching, Professional Optimization to Help Retain Maui Police Force During an Essential Time

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Phoenix-based Performance Protocol, a first-of-its-kind online platform to recruit, develop and retain police agency talent, will donate its coaching and professional optimization services to the entire 440-person Maui Police Department, effective immediately.

As recovery efforts in the aftermath of the Lahaina wildfire continue, Performance Protocol believes that now is the time to focus on retaining Maui Police Department talent as a way to support first responders during difficult time.

“Over the last couple weeks, Maui’s police officers and department staff have seen the firsthand devastation of Lahaina and its people,” said Greg Zaroslinski, President at Performance Protocol. “They are a part of this community themselves, and the commitment to community safety is a passion for these personnel. We recognize how difficult this time has been for the entire department. It is our honor to support these first responders now and throughout their personal and professional development.”

Following a catastrophic event, police departments can experience high officer attrition and low morale, with some police agencies losing tenured officers. This can lead to challenging recruitment efforts and a younger, less experienced police agency. Performance Protocol will provide 1-on-1 performance coaching for individual officers, dispatchers, leadership and support staff to help shape the future of policing in Maui.

Performance Protocol offers comprehensive coaching resources for individuals, full agencies and law enforcement coaches to shape the future of policing in America, build a culture of purpose and ensure that each police department employee is in the right headspace for the job.

Performance Protocol is currently active in coaching 35 police agencies throughout the U.S. Its efforts have led to an overall 81% reduction in the intention to quit and a 89% satisfaction rating.

Maui Police Department personnel interested in taking advantage of Performance Protocol’s services can contact their agency leaders to get connected and create their account. To donate to Maui police officers directly affected by the Maui wildfire tragedy, visit

To learn more about Performance Protocol, visit

About Performance Protocol

Performance Protocol is committed to building strong and capable leaders within law enforcement agencies. We achieve this through a comprehensive approach that includes solutions for recruitment, development, and retention. Our customizable approach takes into account the unique needs and goals of each agency, ensuring a tailored solution that drives transformative results. To learn more, visit