New Police Training System Open House Coming to Atlanta, Orlando

Integrated driving/shooting simulator creates higher level of training for law enforcement students

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - FAAC Incorporated has scheduled two Southeast open houses to provide demonstrations of its DrivingForce simulation training system as part of a national tour to raise awareness to the educational capability and value of an integrated driving-shooting training system.

The system will be available for interested parties and media personality demonstrations and participation at two locations:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 27-28 at the Atlanta Police Department Training Academy, 180 Southside Industrial Parkway.

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 9-12 at FAAC Orlando, 522 S. Econ Circle, Oviedo, Fla.

The DrivingForce system is composed of FAAC’s new LE-1000 driver training simulator and sister company IES Interactive’s MILO force options simulator system. These two training systems have been seamlessly integrated into a single, multi-tasking training system that provides a powerful training tool for law enforcement instructors.

Full-cycle response training is now available that enables instructors to view, analyze, and coach students on proper etiquette, protocols, and methods during simulated service calls. DrivingForce requires students to make complex decisions and engage in intricate responses under conditions of time pressure, high stakes, and high-stress scenarios.

A typical Driving Force Scenario begins with a radio or MDT transmission in the driving simulator. The student responds and reacts to events that unfold, whether it is a search for a specific vehicle, car-stop, emergency response, or pursuit. The student operates the driving simulator to the point of contact with the subject where the student physically exits the driving simulator and enters the MILO force options simulator. Students are able to demonstrate command presence, voice commands, de-escalation techniques, judgment, and decision-making, up to and including making a simulated arrest and/or implementing the force necessary to gain compliance.

“It’s one thing to read about DrivingForce and see photos or videos of it, but it is another to actually try it or see it perform live,” said Public Safety Business Manager Bill Martin. “You see all the features working together and the power of simulation training becomes apparent.”

The DrivingForce system includes:
• All-in-one instructor console
• Streamlined physical footprint
• Charger and Crown Victoria dashboard cab models
• Mobile Data Terminal that receives live and pre-programmed dispatch information
• Most comprehensive curriculum available, including networked response and supervisory

“This is a mature product from a company that is a mainstay in the marketplace and knows how to innovate,” said Executive Business Director David Bouwkamp. “We have gathered advice from industry experts, focused on maximizing training dollars, and developed a simulator with a return on investment of less than one year.

“We’re able to celebrate this breakthrough because of the in-house resources that FAAC possesses; it gives us an advantage in product development and quality control. We were able to test technology and try different approaches in real time to get the best sense of what would work.”

For more information on DrivingForce contact Bill Martin at or call 734-761-5836 or visit

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