SKIDCAR SYSTEM, Inc. to exhibit Automated Traffic Scenario Simulator (ATSS) light system at IACP

SKIDCAR SYSTEM, Inc. will be exhibiting and demonstrating the ATSS Light System at the IACP National  Conference in Philadelphia, PA, October 21‐24, 2017.  Visit us at Booth #3761

PHILADELPHIA — Designed by a Law Enforcement Officer, specifically for police use, the ATSS simulates real‐world situations for driver training. Using a series of red and green lights, the ATSS simulates oncoming cars or stopped traffic, providing situational realism to department training. This system eliminates the use of unrealistic audible commands or the need to have instructors standing in harm’s way using flags or hand signals. 

Patented Adaptive Reaction Time™ ensures that all students get the instructor‐selected reaction time of 0 to 3‐seconds in 0.1‐second increments. After initial setup, operation is completely automated. The system determines vehicle speed and activates the lights without human intervention.

Three different modes of operation allow the system to accommodate a variety of training needs: 

  • Braking Mode – Students are presented with three red lights forcing an emergency stop.
  • Emergency Lane Change Mode – Students are presented with a random pattern of lights requiring a swerve into one or more lanes, or an emergency stop.
  • Intersection Clearing Mode – Students must look and analyze each leg of an intersection before proceeding while running code. This industry‐exclusive feature can be adjusted for a maximum length of wait time from 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Pursuit Mode – as an extension to Intersection Clearing, Pursuit Mode allows the first car to pass through a green light and then the ATSS randomly controls whether or not the second car must stop to clear the intersection.

Rechargeable batteries provide a full day of continuous ATSS use between recharges. The portable system can be used in virtually any kind of training environment, helping your training program by: improving safety, reducing costs, improving training quality, reducing manpower needs, and providing unbiased, repeatable training scenarios for your department.

The ATSS is a true asset to any EVOC, training drivers to think more and make safe decisions.

For more information on the ATSS or any of our SKIDCAR or SKIDBIKE products, contact us today at (866) 754‐3227 or via email at

Developed in Sweden in the 1980s, the SKIDCAR SYSTEM® is the most effective driving training program ever created. Unlike other programs, which merely simulate experiences to develop a driver's motor skills, The SKIDCAR SYSTEM allows drivers to experience real-life car control issues, and teaches them techniques that help them maintain control.

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