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6 top accessories for your Tesla Model Y police patrol cars

After you upfit the Model Y to be a police patrol car you’ll still need a couple of accessories to keep it clean, comfortable and on the road

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Police departments from coast to coast are replacing internal combustion engine patrol cars with Tesla Model Ys and other electric vehicles. Departments are selecting the Model Y because of its low operating and maintenance cost, ample storage capacity, rapid acceleration, reduced emissions and versatility as a patrol vehicle.

Whether you are shopping for accessories for your police department fleet or your personally operated vehicle, here are my six recommendations, as a Tesla owner, of the best accessories for your Tesla Model Y.

Floor mats

Keep the interior of the car clean with floor mats for the driver, passenger, frunk and trunk storage areas. Make sure to purchase mats designed for the Model Y, made from a highly durable material and that can be washed off with a hose (outside of the vehicle, of course).

  • All weather
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Dirt resistant and easy to clean

Front window sunshade

When the Tesla police car is parked and unoccupied for several hours or a full day, it is best to park in a garage, parking structure or underneath a carport to protect the Model Y interior electronics from overheating. Overheat protection protects the Model Y cabin temperature from exceeding 105 F, but running the air conditioning to maintain that temperature draws on the vehicle’s battery. Like any vehicle, keep the cabin interior cooler with a sunshade for the front window and when you can park in the shade.

  • Made from 240T polyester
  • Protects car’s interior
  • Easily folds into storage pouch

Frunk organizer

The Model Y’s motors are attached to the vehicle’s axles leaving the front end of the car open for storage. The front trunk, affectionally known as the frunk, offers 4.1 cubic feet of storage for personal items and patrol officer accessories. Frunk organizers include simple dividers, lift-out bins and coolers for food, drink and groceries. For the Tesla Model Y law enforcement fleet, pick a frunk organizer that will be useful to officers, easy to clean and can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

  • Made of durable waterproof ABS plastic
  • 6 separate storage spaces

Guide to Patrol Vehicle Electrification

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Download this guide to learn why EVs are a good fit for law enforcement and how to plan for adoption

Screen protector

The Model Y touchscreen is how patrol officers access many of the vehicle’s controls. A screen protector reduces glare off the screen and reduces fingerprint smudges and streaks.

  • Includes auto-alignment installation kit
  • Tempered glass durability rated at 9H hardness
  • Touch-responsiveness guarantee

Lifting pucks

If you want to start an argument with a group of Tesla owners, ask them if lifting pucks or jack pads are necessary. In theory, a lifting puck is protection between the repair shop’s vehicle lift and the Model Y chassis. Some owners and repair shops will tell you the vehicle can’t be lifted without them and others will tell you they are useless. If your Model Y fleet will always be serviced at the same facility you’ll only need one or two sets of lifting pucks. If your vehicle is going to multiple shops, depending on the type of service or maintenance, it makes sense to store a set of pucks with each vehicle.

  • Non-slip bottom design and a 25mm post
  • Made from premium TPE

Flat tire repair kit

The Tesla Model Y doesn’t ship with a spare tire. If you are traveling long distances or out of your normal service area, you may want to have a flat tire repair kit along with you, just in case, you get a puncture. If you can’t repair the tire you’ll need to call for a flatbed tow.

  • Includes sealant and tire inflator pump
  • No jacks or tools needed

Gas can

Just kidding. Your all-electric Tesla police car doesn’t ever need gasoline. Though some Tesla aficionados have charged their car off a portable battery, it’s much more practical to charge at the station, home or a supercharger.

What are your recommendations for the best accessories for police electric vehicles? Email your police electric patrol car tips to

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