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Enhancing police capabilities: Kustom Signals’ Argus In-Car Video customizable technology

Tailoring law enforcement tools to meet individual agency needs with the adaptable Argus ICV system

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By Police1 Staff

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, law enforcement agencies worldwide are facing unprecedented challenges. From maintaining public safety and ensuring the integrity of evidence to fostering transparency and accountability, the demands on police forces have never been more complex. Amid these challenges, technology emerges as a beacon of hope, offering solutions that can revolutionize the way law enforcement operates. The integration of advanced technological systems into police workflows promises to enhance operational efficiency, improve evidence management and increase officer and public safety.

Kustom Signal’s Argus ICV (In-Car Video) system represents a significant advancement in law enforcement technology, offering a range of features that cater to the diverse needs of police agencies, both large and small. This comprehensive solution is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of police operations, while also fostering transparency and accountability in law enforcement activities.

The Argus ICV system solves several key challenges faced by law enforcement agencies:

  • Real-time situational awareness: The livestreaming capability addresses the need for real-time situational awareness, allowing command centers to make informed decisions during critical incidents.
  • Automated recording and alerts: Automatic triggers for recording and alerts help overcome the challenge of missing crucial moments during high-stress situations, ensuring key events are captured without officer intervention.
  • Comprehensive scene documentation: The dual camera system, with its wide-angle and telephoto lenses, overcomes the challenge of incomplete scene documentation, ensuring that all aspects of an incident are captured.
  • Ease of use and adaptability: The system’s customizability solves the issue of complex technology integration in law enforcement, offering a user-friendly solution adaptable to different operational needs.
  • Evidence integrity and security: Argus ICV ensures secure and tamper-proof storage of video evidence, addressing concerns about the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

Let’s explore how the Argus ICV system solves these challenges:

Customizability and ease of use

One of the key benefits of the Argus ICV is its high level of customizability, which allows it to be tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each agency. This adaptability makes the system user-friendly and ensures that it can be easily integrated into the daily operations of police agencies of any size. The ease of use of the system, stemming from its customizable nature, is greatly appreciated by officers, as it simplifies their workflow and reduces the need for extensive training.

Comprehensive scene capture

The Argus ICV boasts a dual camera setup, which includes both a wide-angle and a pivotable telephoto lens, ensuring comprehensive coverage of events as they unfold. This dual-camera system can capture high-definition video in 1080p, providing clear and detailed footage that is crucial for evidence collection and review. Additionally, the in-cabin camera, which can be mounted virtually anywhere due to its wide field of view, offers further versatility in monitoring the interior of the police vehicle and interactions within it.

Advanced features for enhanced operations

The Argus ICV system includes several advanced features that significantly benefit police operations. One such feature is the ability to livestream from multiple cameras, providing real-time situational awareness that can be critical in dynamic law enforcement scenarios. This live-streaming capability allows for immediate oversight and decision-making, which can be pivotal in emergencies.

Moreover, the system supports up to four IP camera feeds and is compatible with Argus Body-Worn Cameras (BWC), allowing for a comprehensive view of incidents from multiple perspectives. The integration with Argus body-worn cameras is particularly beneficial, as it provides a more complete and transparent record of police interactions and responses.

Enhanced safety and efficiency

The Argus ICV system is equipped with various alarms and automatic recording triggers, such as vehicle speed thresholds, geofencing, and lightbar activation. These features enhance the safety of officers by ensuring that critical moments are automatically captured without the need for manual intervention. The system’s ability to automatically initiate recording based on specific triggers ensures that important footage is not missed, thereby providing valuable evidence in post-incident reviews and investigations.

Data security and integration

Data security is a paramount concern in law enforcement operations, and the Argus ICV addresses this need effectively. The system features industrial-grade encrypted storage with physical locks and AES-256 encryption for files both in transit and at rest. This high level of security safeguards sensitive information and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Additionally, the system integrates seamlessly with other law enforcement tools and systems, such as Kustom Signal’s in-car RADAR products (Eagle 3 and Raptor RP-1) and fleet management solutions through Argus Data Vault. This integration facilitates efficient data management and enhances the operational capabilities of law enforcement agencies.

FAQs about the Argus ICV system

Here are some common questions users have about the Argus ICV system:

1. How does the Argus ICV ensure data security?

The system uses AES-256 encryption for files in transit and at rest, with industrial-grade encrypted storage and physical locks.

2. Can the Argus ICV integrate with other law enforcement tools?

Yes, it seamlessly integrates with various tools, including Kustom Signal’s in-car RADAR (Eagle 3 and Raptor RP-1), Argus BWC and fleet management systems.

3. Is the system adaptable for different agency sizes?

Absolutely, its high customizability makes it suitable for both small and large agencies.

4. How does the dual camera system enhance incident recording?

The wide-angle and pivotable telephoto lenses provide comprehensive scene coverage, ensuring no detail is missed.

5. Does the system support real-time monitoring?

Yes, it features livestreaming capabilities from multiple cameras for real-time situational awareness.


Kustom Signals’ Argus ICV system is a comprehensive solution that addresses the complex needs of modern law enforcement. Its customizable nature, comprehensive scene capture capabilities, advanced features for enhanced operations, and focus on data security and integration make it an invaluable tool for police agencies. By improving the safety, efficiency, and transparency of police operations, the Argus ICV plays a crucial role in modernizing law enforcement and fostering public trust in the police force.